Gabon v Ghana


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Big fight kicks off post-match, the main aspect of which seems to be Ghana 25 throwing a punch and then immediately running off down the tunnel. Referee spends a few minutes trying to insist he come out to be shown red, before eventually just showing it to the tunnel.

Happy with this approach? It comes across as if he's lost his temper with the player a bit (particularly right at the end of the clip when he pushes through the security to brandish the card), could we not have a system where this is just dealt with in the report?

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If I may go off topic these referee shirts look REALLY cheap.
Honestly I wouldnt go to my cheap ass gym in a shirt fitting that badly.


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Card is a communication tool. Showing it tells the TV companies and anyone watching he’s been sent off, and given the other issues around AFCON and referees already, this was probably wise.

I expect you or I would report without the card (and I have in fact had to do so in the past). However imagine the furore if Tetteh was banned despite not being obviously sent off? More accusations of bias, fixing and incompetence at the very least.