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So a simple question. Is this forum associated with any of the folliwing: UEFA, FIFA, THE FA, The FA of any other country?
If not, why are we so precious that what the moderators perceive will bring an FA charge results in the suspension of a forum member? Why is that relevant.....?


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Right, I’ll bite but that’s it.

No, the board is not directly associated with any of those organisations. However, the vast majority of our users are governed by the provisions of the relevant rules etc of such associations and as such it is not unreasonable for us to ensure that we stay within the realms of acceptability in those regulations etc.

Given if/when something occurs, it is us as forum mods (and Ross as owner) that get the contact from those bodies when posts cross the line - please don’t think this site is not looked at/monitored.

There’s plenty of cases involving social media and other forum based sites that have generated involvement of the football authorities and some more serious legal cases. We are not prepared to allow this site to be added to that list.

You must also take into consideration that some of us, both staff member and users wise, are directly involved in various guises with such bodies or in the professional echelons of the game and as such we are not prepared to let the site jeopardise the roles/work we do through the input of others.
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