First S3 and S4 yesterday evening.


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Had a midweek game yesterday (Wednesday) and it was a very eventful one. I feel I did well making some major calls as I was more or less on top of things. Not perfect, but a lot better than I was last season.

Anyway, it was a spicy affair. The S4 came first, DOSGO-handling, it was pretty easy to give as the defender was in the middle of the box on his own and basically denied a goal outright with his hand. What made things spicy though was there was an accidental handball in the other box that I didn't give, but they managed to score from. I think I got that right, defender's hand was by his side in that incident and I don't know what he could have done. It didn't stop people from referencing it though.

A few minutes after that I had another DOSGO, but a yellow this time for the tackle!

Then in the second half, I got my first S3 offence. There was an off the ball incident that I caught just outside my vision, I gave an offside and then ran over to the incident, which was a few handbags being swung around. I was trying to diffuse the situation but they were escalating it further by being silly - like stepping in front of each other to cause a square up etc. Just as I'm about to blow the whistle again to give them a bollocking, the offender goes down to pull his socks up and the victim turns to run away, and the offender just spits at the back of his leg. Cue, appeals from the victim and one of his teammates who was close by (most everyone else wasn't really watching I don't think.)

Well, as I said, I was on top of the incident, so I don't know how he expected me to miss it. Out came the red for spitting, and there we are, my first ever spitting offence in, well, pretty much my entire career. My first DOSGO-H offence that I've actually been in position to spot as well, I know I missed one last season and was pretty annoyed about that. Happy days! (Well, not really, I had hoped I'd never have to do an S3... No idea why people think that is acceptable at all.)

Russell Jones

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Sounds you handled both incidents very well. Aided by the fact that you'd made the extra effort to be well positioned and thus credible.

Players will always reference "similar" incidents if they're feeling aggrieved, no worries on that score. Only thought is whether you clearly communicated (at the time) why the first incident wasn't handball. I often go with a loud shout of "No Intent", though this has now been complicated by the law change for attacking players scoring goals :hmmm:.

I'm more than 500 games in and no spitting to date ... or none that I've seen in any case!!


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I don't have a game count but must be well over a thousand. Only had two spitting incidents. First one reported to me by my AR. Next one I reported it to the referee as an AR (I watched back play from a distance). Clearly players know it's disgusting and a send off so they don't do it in view of the referee. I am not sure how smart the OP player was.