Open Age First red of the season today


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Sunday league game, one of the teams have a lot of lads that play at a very good level on a Saturday and the away team turned up thinking losing 5-0 would be a good result.

Booked one of the away team for a reckless tackle early on second half, no complaints. 15 minutes from the end he commits a borderline yellow card foul. One of those that depending on the state and temperature of the game you are either going to give the card or make sure it's clear its last chance saloon time. As the away team were losing 9-0 at this point and the game was being played in a great spirit I decided on the big public final warning. As I called him over he told me to F off twice, publically and loudly, cue the red out of the back pocket and off you go.

Manager asked me during a substitution just after that had I been intending to book him for the foul and I said no, final warning and he started laughing and told me that would teach him.

Ironically only person who questioned the sending off was the home team player manager who thought I'd done him for the foul, but quickly apologised when the away Captain told him what he'd done.

Game Finished 10-0 both teams very happy and handshakes from all players and substitutes of both teams, except for the lad I'd binned....