First games

Had my first two games today...

First game was under 12 boys, I think in all honesty my descions were slightly all over the place, I found it difficult in deciding weather something was a foul and deserved a free kick there was a lot of descions were I got shouted at because they thought I should have been a free kick and when I look back at it now they should have been however sometimes I feel like I might give something away as a free kick when it was nothing. I only gave 2 free kicks first game and there was a possible 10 or 12 that could have been free kicks. There was a time we’re one off the managers from the opposing team said there team fouled the Other team and it should have been a free kick. It makes me think if both managers said that was I right not to give it.. I just really need some tips on when you should like give a foul like I don’t want to give free kicks for everything.

The second game was a lot better, it was u11, the play was fairly clean and there wasn’t much to comment on I gave 1 free kick, and there was a couple other shouts that I wasn’t sure on, in the second half I had a hard job seeing weather the ball went on on the sideline and goal line, and who kicked it out, majority off these situations, I just guessed who it was and I know I shouldn’t be doing that but what could I do? However I did get complimented at the end off the match by all managers and people watching but i don’t know.
Has anyone got any tips on these two things I struggled with?
Point 1 generally comes with experience - the more games you do and the more experience you get, the easier the more basic decisions will become.

Point 2 is usually positioning, it sounds like you either aren't close enough or at a good enough angle which will come with experience from point 1. When you're unsure about which way play should restart in, you could always wait and see if the players will self-referee themselves (I'm talking a second or two before making a call) or go with the defending team if it's really that close.
1: Sometimes players will be honest, and managers can help out with decisions, I'd be careful with this, because you and your club assistants are the only ones on the pitch with the authority to make decisions. It's unlikely that a manager is going to make a call against his own team for no reason, but as the referee you are the sole enforcer of the laws of the game.

I honestly find it harder to referee kids football in terms of decisions, especially 9v9, because it tends to just be a lumped up swarm of players chasing the ball.

Ultimately there will be a lot of external factors contributing towards doubt, but the more games you do, the more experienced you get. No referee becomes worse by refereeing more games, they can only develop.

2: You're not going to get every decision right, it sounds like the elements were against you and the pitch was deteriorating. I've had to swap my club assistants from left back to right back a couple of times, because the touchline was faded more on one side than the other.

All you can do really is get as close as possible to the ball as it's going out, and try to pay attention to what direction the ball is going, and any noises or clips, sometimes it can help you come to a decision.

Don't be afraid to look over to your assistant too, just a quick glance to make sure all is okay before you give a decision.

A lot of refereeing is having the confidence to make decisions, Lord knows there's games where I am not 100% sure which way a throw is or vice versa, but if you have confidence, it will carry you through the hard games unscathed.


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hi natalie welcome to refereeing, for the first few games you will be all over the place, normal situations,
getting shouted at, not nice but you will soon ignore it, if it is a -player or manager you will learn to decide
whether to ignore it or go down the discipline route with cards for the player and sending the manager/ coach away
from the touchline. keep us up to speed how you are doing and feel free to ask question or for advice we are nice people
mostly lol

Tino Best

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free kicks come swith experience one team will want the foul the other team will feel it is a fair challenge. " mins later the roles are reversed and they are still grumbling and shouting. It becomes white noise. As for which way a throw should be when you are not sure, the wait for the players or lino is a good tip but if you have no idea and no hope always go with the defending team.