Junior/Youth First Game on Saturday!


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The biggest area for new refs is confidence (see the theme in the thread?). Doesn't matter if you are not sure about a decision, you have to sell it with confidence. Especially with the whistle. Blow it hard, it's not just for you and players around you. It's for everybody to hear, even the spectators.

Second is effort. Put the effort in (being here give me a hint that you intend to). Be close to play but not too close (10-15 yard is good) otherwise you will get in their way. That's the only thing about positioning you should think of for your first game. Will get more advanced with experience.

Another common thing with new 'enthusiastic' refs is making it complicated. Don't over think it. Simplest answer is often the correct answer.



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Make sure you're well prepared for the practical and administrative side of things. Check time and venue, duration of match, number of players and subs permitted at this level etc etc.


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I am still a newbie, but would agree with @OIREF! Know the local/age rules, as nothing worse than playing a too short/long half! Also get some agreement on how strict to be (for example throw ins correctly) from the managers. I always ask if their both happy to allow a retake on foul throw ins.


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Don't agree with the second point. I can understand you'd want to show some leniency/tolerance on some aspects of the laws of the game (it's not unprecedented in the laws) for very young age groups. But that is your decision alone. Use some common sense in how far you want to go with it. Once the managers see you are consistent with both side, there would be no complaints.

But once you deem it as a 'foul throw' don't retake it. That is directly against the LOTG.


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We were taught that at the Minor League level (so U10) that it helps improve their game, by showing where they are going wrong, and to have a chance to correct.
If that is what you are taught to do then that is what you should do but I still don't agree with it ;) . There is a balance between playing a game and having a coaching session and IMO this is past the tipping point. You can still show them what they did wrong and they can get it right next time :)