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Come on SF. The biggest thread I know on this forum which is still running strated with a post even lazier than that. And guess who posted it
Legally im not allowed to post clips of Premier League games (Cough). I think you can post Championship ones that are freely available on You tube!!!

So, get You-tubing, i've 3 points to get from dirty Leeds this dinner!!!
I don't have the video or the time to list the penalty incident in detail but it involved VAR, a penalty given by the referee, the ball on the spot with Buffon poised and ready to make a save and the player lined up ready to take it, but it was then given as a free kick to the defending side after a strange period as described above with the player ready to strike the penalty.

There were some mentions on Twitter about the Juve players forcing/pushing the ref to consult VAR, and what reversed the decision, whether it was a foul or offside.
The incident is at 1.00 min
It looks as though the pen was correctly reversed because of offside. The video doesn't show the VAR process so I can't comment on that.
I think it was clarified after that it wasn't for offside it was because of a foul but I can't confirm. I remember seeing a post on Twitter from someone who said it wasn't offside because of the old " the defender passed the ball" debate but I haven't looked it in detail.


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The possible foul was not a CLEAR errors by the referee and should not have been changed on review if correct process was followed.