Final exam help!!


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Ok I’m doing all the studying under the sun doing my five game etc am as keen as can be but still seem to be messing up the mock quizzes and tests for lotg failed two this morning level 8-7 and level 5-6 ahhhhhhhh


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The clues are often in the question.

If the wording says Reckless then it's a major hint that the answer will be something involving a yellow card.

Remember, the exam is not designed to catch you out or stop you qualifying, it's to identify where gaps are and you might need more support.

Tino Best

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If you are using as a learning tool this site covers everything from the basic to the more complicated questions. I used it and was worried when I did my exam because I would get a lot wrong, the if a gk takes off his shinpad out of the area................. etc but when I came to the exam the questions were more of the basic laws and I breezed through with one question wrong. Use this site then use your book for looking up wrong answers and you will be fine, but as others have pointed out the site is not 100% right so be aware.