FIFA Referees Fitness Test


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Anyone have any experience training for this? I have around 2 months to prepare, I'm reasonably fit but really want to smash the test out of the park. Advice for training on a treadmill is also welcome, as I am stuck inside for about a month as we await Spring.

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A pass is a pass. There's nae extra points for a bigger pass.
Depends! If you are also doing the sprint component then there’s the opportunity to at least challenge yourself. Basic technique stuff applies to both.

I got some training from a sprint coach and learned a few things in order to run better (faster). You can find the typical stretches/exercises elsewhere - of course ideally specific to your needs - local running track best place to see them in action or YT;)

Biggest tip for me was use of arms, vital during acceleration, especially as you tire.

And practice the start. You save a lot of time and effort by starting well. Whichever leg you lead with, if you have the rocking technique, coordinated arms, the right lean, learn how to feel the force of the first steps.

This reminds me I should do some practice as it’s preseason here;)
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[...] but really want to smash the test out of the park.
When you're doing it, you can't go through the gates before the cue. Running the main portion of the HI test is endurance, not "smashing it out of the park".

Figure out the cadence/speed you need for both the run and walk, get used to it.

A friend of mine regularly trains to do an extra 4-6 intervals beyond what's needed so ensure that he can keep the same speed up for the entire test (and then some).

You'll almost certainly be with a group in the test itself. Work with them, change up who is in the lead regularly, but don't try to outrun people, keep that cadence and speed.


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Thanks for the advice. I think I will take your advice and meet with a trainer at least once got an overall planning session.

Re: smashing it out of the park, I can aim to sprint significantly quicker than the required speed, and I can perform well on the HI run segment by focusing on developing a better VO2 Max and recovery rate so my HRT looks good compared to my performance, if that makes sense.