FAW Advanced Referee Course


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I've completed the online part of the FAW's Advanced Referee Course and have my face to face session at the end of next month. For anyone who has done this already, what does the face to face session consist of and how soon after it do you start refereeing?


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So, it changed a bit recently. Before, it used to be that the face-to-face sessions were done by the area associations, but with the modernisation project going on in Wales at the moment, things are getting more centralised.

My understanding is that the face-to-face sessions is the practical element of the course. So, it should be teaching you things such as positioning on the field of play, whistling technique and so on. I think, it may go through the admin side of things with you, but I'm not entirely sure on this one.

It will get you registered for the season, assign you your official number, and put you in touch with the relevant local leagues to get started (if you're not already in contact with them).

Registration is fairly quick, so you should be able to be allocated games ready for the following month as the games tend to be assigned on a monthly basis. However, if you're in touch with the local leagues you may well get some games within the week following registration assuming there are free fixtures, and it is likely that there are.

Don't sweat the face to face session, it's just there to tick things over and get you ready for things. Use it as an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the other new recruits! :)


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I did the same course just over 12 months ago. You have passed the course so congratulations. I finished off with the practical at Penybont. A lot of it is guidance e.g. where is the best position for a referee when a corner is being taken. You will also be given guidance for logging onto the portal for reporting cations and red cards etc.

Looks like you live in Cardiff. Cardiff Referee Society have their Society Meeting on Thursday:
I will direct message you.