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Why do the FA not produce an app. It would make it easier to report what happened straight after the match, if they linked it like REFSIX to your watch a lot could be done at the time. It just seems daft that they are still on a slow and clumpy website.


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If your current reporting system is a website then all you need for it is to be mobile friendly. Having a shortcut/bookmark to it on your device screen is just as good as an app.

Infact I much prefer a well designed mobile friendly website to a poorly designed app. On top of that, most apps are intrusive to your device.

Brian Hamilton

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One league I officiate in still has forms to complete, be thankful if you have a slow and clumsy website!!
I think the OP was referring to reporting discipline. Many leagues have moved to some form of online reporting for their own reports. We currently use an Excel worksheet (still clunky). That was the system set up by the previous Referee Appointments Secretary. He now allocates the L4 referees across the Supply Pool which covers 3 leagues, including ours, so he has retained it for consistency.

Changes are expected over the next 6 months meaning that next season we as a league can choose our own system. I already use Google forms for availability and referee registration for our league panel. I expect some variant on that will be used for reporting from next season. Especially when I'm doing it ...