FA Apology! Yeh right!

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Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
The silence here from some of the FA fan boys is deafening.... what’s up, are we scared of expressing disgust at this complete mis-managed disaster by lots of members at the FA. Those MPs made them look stupid and incompetent, perish the thought that they actually are!
@Sheffields Finest there is no disputing the whole affair was mismanaged and that there are a number of issues which need to be addressed within the organisation, no more than we could claim any association or indeed UEFA or FIFA themselves.

Maybe the silence is because this is a referee's forum and nobody actually gives a toss about something which isn't related to refereeing. Had it been a referee then I am sure plenty would have commented, but your are obviously trying to stoke a fire here or on a fishing expedition for which no-one is going to bite. :rolleyes:


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Alright, calm down and take off the tin-foil hat! I saw this thread yesterday and didn't comment because as a white male, I don't really know how much my opinion matters in this case and didn't feel I was appropriately placed to comment.

And frankly, if I did have strongly negative opinions regarding the actions of the FA, I don't see how it would benefit my refereeing career to go around expressing those opinions. If I choose not to comment on this story, surely that's entirely my right to do so? And I don't really see why that has to be indicative of some great conspiracy, or really why you think it matters how many people choose to express an opinion on here?
@Sheffields obviously have a gripe with the FA, I don't understand why you just don't leave refereeing so you can pursue your agenda whatever it is, if they annoy you that much? Personally, I couldn't care less what they do as long as it doesn't affect my family or myself.

The undertones of your opening comments are not those of debate rather those of someone who wants to lambast the FA for their actions due to your own personal gripes, and no doubt if someone stated that they are an organisation that do a lot of good work, even if it is tainted at times that you would undoubtedly argue they don't. So exactly what is the point of the debate??

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Don’t worry about it, let’s get back to discussing the minute discrepancies in the throw in Law...

Sorry for asking a question in a Forum for asking questions!

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Asking a question is fine. Getting annoyed and suggesting a conspiracy when no one wants to get involved seemed a little odd.
The MPs were suggesting a conspiracy, it’s not often that these committees are avid viewing but this one made the 9-00 news. Not wanting to critisise the FA live on here I understand, no-one wants to rock a boat, no-one has to comment if they so wish. Equally I too have the right to fairly criticize too without fear or favour.
Knock yourself out, but don't try and drag others into it, you criticise away and if anyone is interested then I am sure they will pick you up. However you did suggest everyone else was silent because they were FA fan boys not because they are intelligent human beings who don't really care enough to comment or get involved in your gripes, so are you looking for constructive debate or just an argument and opportunity to pour out insults to the FA?


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A sorry state of affairs at the FA I'm afraid. The whole story surrounding the hiring and firing of Mr Sampson has a rather fishy odour about it.
The allegations made by Ms Aluko and her apparent treatment rather seem to compound the issue in my humble opinion.
Too many old boys in the higher echelons of the FA with insufficient management skills in my view.
If, and I repeat if, there are any contributors unwilling to participate in healthy debate because they think it will affect their refereeing careers then that only exacerbates the problems in the FA.

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Read what I actually put before mis-quoting me FT..... I said ‘some of the FA fanboys’, that’s actually quite different to your last post where you’ve lumped it into ‘everyone’

Not like you to lapse in the small details FT


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I don't realy get what SF is supposed to have done wrong.
He uploaded a story and put his opinion on it.... like is done 50 times a day.
And if corruption in the organisation some of you wear the logo of your ref's kit is irrelevent then we need to close about ten thousand other threads that are even less relevant.
My own opinion: The FA are a self serving bunch of corrupt bottom feeders who would throw all of you under a bus if they could get a free dinner out of it.
They are not you're friends and you are bottom of the priority list.
Can always find some other mug to give up their entire Saturday to drive 200 miles and get paid £50

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Just to put that excellent last post and last statement into context Deusex, In their last published accounts 2016, they paid out £48.7million in total in salaries to 997 employees, thats an AVERAGE of £48,953.86...... EACH!!!!! On an average 39 hour week, 52 weeks a year, thats £29.06 per hour....and a further £816,000.00 in Brucey Bonuses, (sorry Directors Emoluments)..... They couldn't run a bath!!!
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Personally I think that if what has been reported is true, then it's downright embarrassing to be associated with such a high profile organisation. If the manager in charge of the national team behaves like a "lad" around the players, then it's not "bantz", it stops being funny and it starts to look like ****. It insults the work undertaken by a diverse workforce across a number of disciplines without much in the way of thanks. The work put in certainly doesn't reflect the expenses, emoluments, etc. paid for their time by around 90% of those involved in football. It also insults those who work in local (County level) football to a certain degree.

The whole escapade makes me feel very uncomfortable. It certainly goes against my personal values. Makes my skin crawl.


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I hadn't commented on this because it was nothing to do with refereeing, nothing whatsoever, and this is a refereeing forum. So I'm moving it to the correct section.
Aren't the FA, like, 10000% responsible for refereeing standards in England?
Seems like a SLIGHT overlap between the 2 then