Dutch Referee Blog - Week 3 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021


Jan ter Harmsel

Week 3 Laws of the Game Quiz 2020-2021. Thanks for participating in the first quizzes of this season. Good luck with the new quiz. And after the quiz you’ll see your score and get feedback on the questions. Laden…

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Level 7 Referee
Same. The trick is to think what the designer of the question wants you to answer, not what you think the answer should be. :)

socal lurker

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While not particularly difficult, a few good reminders in there.

(I still think the re-set of cautions for KFTM is silly, but I guess it is really there to protect GKs from the heavy sanctions on moving. Of course, they could have just removed the caution for a GK moving a PK as wholly unnecessary, but that would involve admitting it was a dumb idea. Much better to let the knuckleheads out there pick up a second USB or dissent caution in kicks without getting sent off...)