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Jan ter Harmsel

The Nike referee outfits for 2020-2022. Got this shared by a reader and it’s from the Nike brochure. It looks like there are a few new colours compared to the 2018-2020 referee outfits. What are your thoughts on the colours? If you have any new images, share them via

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The good:
  • I'm happy to see gray as a color choice
  • The non-black colors aren't overly common uniform colors
The not-so-good:
  • The green and yellow shirts are too close to very common keeper colors of neon green and yellow.
  • The gray color is too close to black in the photos. I'd like to see a lighter gray kind of like this color to be more of a contrast to black. The gray in the photo doesn't look like it could be worn in, say, a red vs navy or a red vs black game.
  • I'd still love to see pink as an option. Pink could replace the yellow option.


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The yellow looks identical to this season’s Volt. I don’t understand why white/light grey isn’t an option like it used to be a few season’s back
The yellow looks identical to this season’s Volt. I don’t understand why white/light grey isn’t an option like it used to be a few season’s back
When so many keepers now wear either lime green or bright yellow, those two colors or colors close to those shouldn't be options for referees. Here in the US, two of our colors are lime green and yellow. If we are following strict letter of the law and wearing a color that differs from keepers and field players (Yes, I know the rule technically says that keepers are supposed to change to a color that isn't the same as field players and referees, so they are supposed to change. However, what sensible referee is going to force a keeper to change?), then we would hardly ever wear green or yellow. Plus, I've seen some teams wear volt yellow, which effectively rules out green and yellow from our color choices.

My son's basketball team wears a gray that's just a little lighter than the shade to which I linked in my post. In the last two years, they have worn that gray all but three times they have played. They just never have to wear their white uniforms because that gray contrasts with white, black, and every color in between except gray and silver.

I think if you gave referees three colors - medium gray or light blue, black, and pink - and made it a requirement that if there's a conflict that goalkeepers needed to change, you could make it a lot less expensive for referees (especially in the US, where we don't have the "referees wear black" requirement that many other countries have for grassroots games) to get started. I've never understood in the US why our five shirt colors are colors that many other teams and keepers wear (well, except for lining the pockets of the referee suppliers . . .)

EDIT - This is basically the color of my son's gray basketball uniforms - You could wear this for any normal color matchup (red vs black, navy vs green, yellow vs royal blue), etc. Except in rare cases, you could get away with wearing a color like this even if one of the teams is wearing white.

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Pink, turquoise and orange are great colours as teams don't have them.
Allison and a handful of keepers do wear pink or orange but very few round my way.

I don't see the point of the grey as, if black won't work, grey probably won't either, especially in wet/low light.

TBH yellow is also a great colour, but I hate it it. When we had Patrick and also Adidas it was easily the most worn colour (I think). But now with Nike for the last few years I dunno...


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I find I use the bright yellow most out of all my alt shirts. It does occasionally clash with a keeper but rarely does it clash with the outfield players, compared to the other colours
Oooh... mint! Now there's an idea.
I think the color the guy giving the card with the completely wrong technique :) (whistle in mouth, too close to the player - I know, it's a photo shoot and not indicative of real life!!) is wearing a mint shirt.

I would say that a "mint" shirt may not be as close to the traditional bright green some keepers wear as I think. I know I tend to be liberal on identifying what constitutes a color difference between keepers and me. Case in point - I was officiating a 6 v 6 indoor tournament this weekend. Keeper was wearing more of an yellow-orange while I was wearing the more lemon yellow shirt that is the United States' first-choice shirt. I told myself the colors weren't the same and kept going.