Dutch Referee Blog - Donk stops attack by throwing extra ball

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The avuncular one
Oooooooo interesting one. Caution and penalty. Shame it isn't a sending off for such shameless cheating, but hey ho
Why a penalty? The LOTG say if an object is thrown at an opponent it is a YC and penalty. Donk threw the ball at the ball. Can't disagree with the YC, but the restart?

Hmmmmm very interesting.

My first thoughts on watching it were that as soon as Donk picked the ball up it was invloved in the game and play should perhaps have been stopped then.


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Maybe the restart is a dropped ball? Outside interference? I don't know, but I wouldn't be thinking DFK (penalty in this case) or IDFK.


The avuncular one
I would say it comes under handling the ball - hitting the ball with a thrown object (boot, shin guard etc) counts as an infringement.


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I'd go caution, penalty. You couldn't restart with a dropped ball due to common sense because the attacker was stopped by the illegal act from the opponent. It's one where you could justify most laws in the game but in the end I would definitely caution and penalty. If it becomes DOGSO then I would send off too.


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I would give the penalty for an object (or the ball in this case) being thrown at an opponent/ the ball (because the ball is in the possession of the opponent), the LOTG basically says that play is restarted from where the offence occurred, if the ball was thrown from outside the penalty area to inside the penalty area, a penalty is awarded. Then you either caution if the ball was thrown recklessly, or send off if excessive force is used. The referee got it right.