Cup Final Kit


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I have a league cup final game to finish the season off. Nothing has been mentioned about fees or expenses (it's local so I'm not bothered about claiming the fuel for a 4 mile round trip), but i understand we get a medal afterwards and some free scoff.

I'm missing Gillingham last game of the season (at home to Milwall) for this, because it's a cup final and, however silly this might sound, I'm proud of the fact I got chosen over others in my first season refereeing.

However, I can understand people feeling a little hard done by if their counties say you must have X y z, but won't assist you with getting it, even if it was just a discount. But if they don't either offer you free stuff, or a discount, all you can do is take it on the chin and either buy what they say you need, or turn up with out and get a black mark against your name.


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Think you misunderstand Charlie....

I didn't wear it till the day of the Cup Final. As in the first time I wore it was for the Cup Final. I wear it all time now