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do not crab "rigid" with straight legs and bouncing up and down like traditional side stepping, butunlock the hips / back and the knees so that you can keep you upper body still as you use the legs to crab along.

don;t bang you feet together in the middle - will bugger up you feet and knees.
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strengthening exercises for the legs can also help. Squat jumps, lunges, calf raises :)

Then of course there is including AR specific training in your physical exercise training routine - flag in hand, training drills


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Nothing wrong with that padfoot. Many assistants are crabbing for the sake of it, save crabbing for when it's required.


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The FAW are expecting;

"Lateral movement at all times except when having to sprint. NO jogging, NO walking."

This is something I've been trying hard to implement into my game, after going so long spending most of my time strolling up and down the line. Although I don't agree 100% with the No Jogging and Walking stance, if that's what they want to see from me then I will duly oblige.

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Sometimes if legs are aching towards the end of a match (because different way of moving) when I haven't been AR for a while, I walk normally for 5 seconds then am OK again. However, have seen it a bit in Football league and some Premier league matches. I don't think anything is wrong with walking as long as you can see along the defensive line clearly. Sometimes find that the play is moving too fast to crab and too slow to sprint, what is the best thing to do then? Just run?