Bri V Ars


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Agree, it was a foul but little more and had the injury not occurred no one would be talking about it


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Agree with most of the above, it's a foul but that's it. 99.99999% of the time, the GK lands on his feet and we play on, or on his arse/side, the FK is given and we move on. The injury is just a horrible fluke.


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EPL charge for failure to control players???
I'm not a huge fan of the mass cons where the referee stands nearby ineffectively peeping away on his whistle...but I much prefer that compared to the approach of the referee in these clips where he seems to have switched off completely. Talk about a lack of presence, you could have teleported Atkinson away as he blew the full time whistle and it would have ended in the exact same way.


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I can't see this as anything more than a simple foul at the Premier League level unless the game in general is bordering on becoming out of control. A word with the attacker would be good after calling the foul, but it's just not a card in my opinion. I had the game on in the background, but I didn't think the temperature of the game was that bad where something like this was after the buildup of other issues.

In my games, I do think the temperature of the game would help me determine whether I issue a caution or not. In a game without much else going on, I'm probably going to loudly admonish the attacker to watch himself so the keeper and defenders know I saw what happened. I'd also probably give an "advantage" to allow the keeper to distribute the ball as he/she wants (of course, assuming the keeper isn't injured like Leno was here and the keeper doesn't lose control of the ball). In a chippier game, I'm going yellow on this. At best, this is a "buzz the tower" type of play that is sending a message to the keeper. You want the players to know you aren't going to allow such antics to go unnoticed.

I'm not always the biggest fan of taking the temperature of the game into consideration for whether I issue a card, but this is one of those times.