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What would you do in a scenario where an attacker blocks the Goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands?

Is it a free kick only or a caution? If so, what is the caution for if it is not dangerous play?

If the attacker stands and does not block but is standing around 1 yard from the edge of the area would this be any different?
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I always thought this was a mandatory caution for unsporting behaviour for some reason but at the recent Level 4 workshop with Ed Duckworth this came up and there is absolutely no need to issue a caution unless it prevents a promising attack or similar.

It's also a sort of common sense approach that even if the player doesn't move it's probably easier and far more forgettable just to give the free kick!


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This subject was discussed at length in a recent post, with varying opinions offered.
My view - shout to the attacker something like "Give him space to kick it". If he continues to be in the way of a potential clearance, give the free kick and tell him "Next time will be a yellow". If there is a recurrence, it's persistent misconduct, a caution.