Ball must go forward to be offside apparently


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From the mouth of a local league's referee appointment officer, who reffed a match I watched today.
Is it any wonder players think they know better?
Astonishing to hear this. There is no polite way to tell a ref to read the f***ing book is there?
I mean, how the hell do you get to you 50s thinking this is the rule? Even as a non ref??


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To be in an offside position a player must be closer to their opponents goal line than both the ball and the 2nd last opponent......i.e. they must be ahead of the ball.....when it is, generally speaking, in the majority of cases the ball will need to be played forwards for an offence to occur.

Agreed that it isn't stipulated in the LOTG but you can see where the confusion has arisen.......

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Yeah but when this does happen, sods law says it is around the penalty spot after a save and miscue from the striker, with the offside player left with an open goal after coming back from an offside position, to strike a ball that's been played backwards. (Yes, I've effed that one up early in my career!)


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I've never experienced it and it would be an unusual situation but of course it is possible to be offside when the ball is passed backwards. I thought this was one of those odd scenarios that is raised as a trick question on referee classes.


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This happened to me when I was AR a few weeks back. Player (about 6 yards from touchline) takes a throw to team member who is 10 yards away but slightly behind. Defence line steps up a yard, thrower remains static. Player with the ball passes the ball backwards and in a 'reverse overlap' manoeurve, the thrower runs onto the ball.