Attempt to intentionally handle the ball.

Trips or attempts to trip, kicks or attempts to kick etc.... I don't belive off the top of my head that handling has the same "or attempts to handle" clause, so I'd agree with the others that you play on. Unless there's some way to justify a USB caution, but I can't think of any specific scenario where that would be the case?


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The only "attempts" relating to handling is attempting to score a goal by handling or attempting to stop a goal by handling but failing. These both are for misconduct reasons and they still require the handling offense to occur.
I believe the word attempt refers to save or scoring and not the handling which is the subject of the OP. So we are talking apples and oranges.

If a player intentionally attempts to handle the ball but is unsuccessful what would you do?
Agree with others in regards to a handling offence, but thinking outside the square, if the attempt classifies as interfering with an opponent and he is in an offside position then you should award an IFK although the offence would be offside and not "attempting to handle the ball".