Arsenal v Everton Women


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Can't find a link that works, but anyone else see this last weekend?

Horrible tackle by Everton player, certainly excessive force/endangered safety of player for me and then Arsenal player team mate shoves the referee - verdict? - 2 yellows - both players very very lucky to stay on the pitch.

Game on TV -so referee there has done the rest of us no favours by punishing the shove on herself with a yellow!


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The reaction from the arsenal player wouldn't have happened if the ref was quick to show a red (fact it never materialised is worse). She seemed so calm once whistle blown as if nothing happened. Surely that challenge was always going to create a reaction.

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I was never pushed in all my games like this (from memory), 2 swung punches at me but both didn't connect. Easy reds, the first one was a red in the 80's....Second one never happened from memory back them.... Players need knocking down a peg or two these days, man, women or kids....!!!