android wear smartwatch

Hi guys,

I am new referee, but i love tech. I found from play store applications about game notes keep like refsix.

I am looking to buy an android wear smartwatch. Is there any used one available?
Mmm, I can see your interest, but if you're a new referee, I'd stick to the traditional way (paper/cardboard and pencil).

When you start refereeing, there are a lot of thing to do and to control while refereeing: time, players, LOTG, sidelines, Club ARs... And sometimes you even mess something so easy as the coin toss just due to that lack of experience.

So, what I want to mean is that you still don't have the ability to sell your decisions to the players and do a good refereeing while touching a watch in each stoppage with a caution or a substitution, and being able not to look like 'a kid with a new toy'.

My piece of advice, if you want to take it, is that you learn the traditional way, and then see if it's worth changing to the technological way.

By the way: a pencil never runs out of battery ;).

Kieran W

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I echo what others have said. Focus on your refereeing and development, having a fancy watch doesn't make you a good referee it's just an unnecessary distraction IMO.