Ah they gas-lit me pretty good this afternoon.


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First game back after two and half months out due to surgery. I've had only two weeks of training on cardio to get me going. I was told I did rather well fitness wise given the break, though I wasn't too happy with it myself.

Away team were pretty happy to complain about everything all day long. But there was an incident and it just screwed with my head. Away player has the ball, dribbles with it and Home defender shadows him. He does this backheel thing, flies over the ball and goes tits over tea-kettle on his arse. Cue: Huge appeal from him and the entire team.

I'm baffled. I say no... His team-mate comes up during a stoppage and says 'why not?' I said; "He never touched him?" he laughs, from then on any close-shadow incident saw the players going down and huge appeals and I was really starting to doubt myself at this point.

End of the game, Away Team aren't too happy as I haven't been giving them much apparently (card count was 3-1 in their favour mind...) and I go off and chat to one of the spectators who I know, and he confirmed that I indeed, wasn't going blind, the guy did trip over the ball/his own two feet, but bloody hell, I was genuinely fearing for my sanity at some points, they didn't half unintentionally prey on my return-to-refereeing doubts! :p

Next time, I'm just going to flash the card at the lot of them for setting me off. :p

To be self-critical of myself; I didn't control that game as well as I may have done if I hadn't had an interrupted season. But I'll get back in the swing of things soon. :D