Open Age After almost 8 years - It's Over!


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Still waiting for my first abandonment after 10 years. 😉🙂

(I've really gone and done it now eh? 😁🤔)


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I've only ever abandoned one game.

Triple leg break, the venue? Same one as I had my first ever 0-0 this past week! 😁

I also sent a player off at this ground for a second yellow for dissent a few years ago only to discover later that it was actually coming from a spectator stood behind him.

It's not been the happiest of hunting grounds for me!

Alex Rush-Fear

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I've had a fair few 0-0s on the line but only ever one that I was refereeing - 1st April 2013.

I've had two abandonments - one on the line in 2015 where it got abandoned due to the floodlights failing at half time, and one in the middle in 2019 where I had to abandon it after 90 minutes!


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plenty 0 0s

Game abandoned, snow, we went off park, waited till snow stopped, came back out, snow came back on heavier than before, midweek game, nobody could see even with floodlights
Game abandoned home team 5 red cards, investigation found out it was a set up
Game abandoned senior national cup tie, park booked for 2 hours, cup tie went to extra time, factor in half time etc, we got to first period of extra time and the facility instructed us the let was up, with another game waiting to come on!
( to clairfy, as referee i had no indication in advance as to this potential)
it resulted in a change, where three hours must be reserved for cup ties played to a finish, the decision of the board on this game however was away team win as home team failed to provide adequate facility.

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