Adopting an aggressive attitude?


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this is not in the LOTG but I guess it was in days gone by.

Two players square up for the dance of the hand baggers. Ref blows, double lemons. Seen it a million times. Done it myself.

What is it we are really giving? USB certainly, but what reason?


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Hasn't been in the Laws as long as I can remember. The terminology was something the FA introduced in their own "reasons for cautions".

I inquired to IFAB about the specific type of caution for a DOGSO inside the penalty area that isn't a dismissal, and they stated (obviously) USB, noting that the "includes" was meant to be inclusive, not exclusive. It's simply an example list of cautions, and doesn't preclude other reasons like people squaring up for some stupid handbags.


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Agree with Russell - yellow to cool down some handbags (one or two sided) is basically the reason AAA is in Wholegame at all. You could certainly argue that aggressively getting in someone's face is "Unsporting Behaviour" in the most general sense, but as AA is there as an option, it's the one I'd go for.


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Let's not forget that AAA is unsporting behaviour. In England when you report it on WGS you select unsporting behaviour and only then can you choose the specific reason as AAA, just as you can choose foul tackle, pull, etc I guess that this has been on FA reports for some time just because they want to record statistics on what players are actually being cautioned for.

In terms of law you are just cautioning for USB, and have to pick one of the 10 reasons in the unlikely event you are asked to. AAA really only falls under "Shows a lack of respect for the game" as far as I can see.


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The point I make though.... Why is not in the laws? :clown:
Doesn't need to be - USB covers it. Reckless tackle isn't clearly stated as one of the cautions either ;-)
Nor is denying an opponent possession by deliberately handling the ball....or attempting to score a goal by same.....

On a side note we used to have 36 caution codes where I started refereeing. It would lead to quite a few misunderstandings of the law so I'm glad they got rid of it.


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The point I make though.... Why is not in the laws? :clown:
If your point is that USB is too generic and AAA makes it more specific then you could also say AAA can be made even more specific by categorising (by word, by action, ….)

If individual FAs want more specific codes then I guess they can but I don’t see any need.

Years ago my local FA broke down OFFINABUS into three codes

R6a: OFFINABUS towards match officials

R6b: OFFINABUS towards opponents or team officials

R6c: OFFINABUS towards anyone else

But they abandon it soon after as there had to be a report for every send off and the report explained the nature of the offence anyway.


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Can anyone help me as to where the official FA or FIFA documentation is for "Aggressive Attitude"?
I would be happy about it not being in the FIFA LOTG 7 reasons for UB, if I could find something in the FA official documents.
I can find lots or links to individual county FAs that list AA as a code for UB, but again I can find no further explanation.
I found this BBC article (below) re 2016, but nothing more. Where is the official law/guideline?