A question for you ... (football, but not referee, related)


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Watching the Club World Club final on Saturday, my nephew said (completely sincerely) that he’d heard that Everton (the EPL club) were interested in signing Everton Riberio, the Flamengo midfielder.

Now that got my brother & I thinking: has anyone, in the English leagues, played for a club with their name in it?

We couldn’t come up with anyone. Thought about Alan Sunderland, but he never played for the Black Cats, Ricky Villa never featured in the starting line up for a midlands eleven, Nottingham was never the home club of Craig Forrest. We wonder whether a Charlton (but not Jack or Bobby) ever played for Charlton Athletic?

Can anyone think of anyone?

(To his credit, my nephew did admit that when he was small, he thought that Arsenal was named after its (then) manager)