3G pitch quandary!


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The failure to take promotion will lower levels of the non league pryamid at the end of the season. Some clubs could be relegated as their facilities are not up to standard. This is going to be a concern for lots of other clubs as well.


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The Football League need to get realistic. Claims that you can't play football on a 3G pitch are nonsense, it is much easier to zip the ball around on a 3G pitch than it is your average L2 or L1 pitch. Given many of the teams at that level are skint, they also need to look at how much money they can make from their pitch by hiring it out, something you can't do with grass pitches. Plus of course what benefits they can deliver to the local community.

Horrible choices for the likes or Sutton, Maidstone and Bromley if they do finish in promotion or play off positions. Rip up your 3G pitch to go into the Football league or be demoted to the National League South. Suspect most will go with the former, but that affects local communities, sports clubs, schools, etc, all of which will no longer be allowed to use the pitch.