19 years, 6 months and a few days...


Lighting the darkest hour
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That’s the time elapsed since I qualified as a referee.

That’s the time elapsed before I got to referee a proper cup final for the first time.

Promoted from Fourth Official to Match Referee less than ten minutes before KO wasn’t ideal but we don’t get to pick when our chances come, but we have to make sure we take them.

Original referee did say he wasn’t sure if he was fit enough beforehand due to injury but decided he was going to give it a go. I’ll leave that debate for other people as ultimately I don’t care now.

What matters is that I got that chance I’ve been wanting for so long; that I grabbed it with both hands; that I didn’t f—- it up and nobody was talking about us negatively after the game.

Mission accomplished 😁

Now for those of you out there struggling to achieve your goals like I was, believe me when I tell you one very important message: