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    U20 Game

    Well, I had a quite challenging match yesterday. White team sitting at second last on the table with only one point and having just lost a game few days ago 18-0 (Yep that actually happened). Blue team somewhere on mid-table (5th-6th place). First half went without any major situations, two...
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    Speaking to players

    So, do you guys have same good phrases you use while speaking to players? For example when they have committed a crunchy tackle that isn't worth of a caution, but just a talking to, or other incidents where you are having a word with a player.
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    World cup final

    Lets see how Pitana and Co. will do today
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    Well, that was quick
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    Your thoughts on this? (1:40->) And some technology wizard could tell me how to get that video starting from 1:40
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    had a shocker

    U12 game today and I had an absolute shocker of a match. Blue number 7 kept constantly questioning my decisions and I just didn't caution him in whole game althought he should probably been sent of twice. That reduced my concentration and my match control and I lost my focus and let a lot of...
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    White vs. Blue. Blue player gets tackled carelessly (so no need for card) and I give advantage. Player continues playing and he tries to pass ball to his teammate, but pass is bad and gets intercepted by opposing player. Should I give a freekick or just let the game go on, because white team...
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    Shirt tucked in

    How do you guys keep your shirt tucked in during matches? For me my shirt looks pretty disheveled after just few minutes in the game and i have started to consider buying one of those "shirt holders" to keep it looking good and professional (or then i should just eat more:D).
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    Spintso watches

    So, what are the major differenses between spintso watches (2X, 2S and Pro)? And what of those would you recommend?
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    Black Friday sales

    Anyone know if there will be any black Friday sales in any European referee equipment shops?
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    Neymar red card

    Any opinions about Neymars red card v Marseille?
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    Kill the referee

    Anyone know where could i see "kill the referee" (Les arbitres) with english subtitles? And can anyone recommend other good documents about being a ref?
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    Casio W-756

    Have anybody used Casio W-756 watch and what it was like? i've been thinking to buy it soon becose it seems like good watch and is also relatively cheap. But if u have any experience about the watch please let me know.
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    Law 15

    Laws Of the Game say that: "At the moment of delivering the ball, the thrower must have part of each foot on the touchline or on the ground outside the touchline" So, does this mean that players are not allowed to throw the ball when part of their foot is on the field of...