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  1. Ryan Owens


    Phil Jones is of sufficient quality to play a ball.
  2. Ryan Owens

    Buzzer Flags - But What Ones

    If most of your colleagues are used to Touchline, might be best to grab Touchline so that there is no "learning curve".
  3. Ryan Owens

    Play on....

    Some of these are simply farcical.
  4. Ryan Owens

    how long, ref?

    I'll always either say "We've played X minutes so far" or "We've got at least X minutes to play"
  5. Ryan Owens


    Some of you may recall a match in the Olympics wherein a goalkeeper had been taking 12-15 seconds. The referee and her assistants gave the GK several shouts throughout the first and second half to speed things up and then spoke to her about it in the tunnel at after 90. By now, everyone on the...
  6. Ryan Owens


    Yes, one should take into account the ability of players when deciding whether to play advantage or not. For example, if a player is fouled and his teammate (who has thus far proven his inability to dribble or pass with any accuracy or speed) picks up the ball, then no advantage has been gained...
  7. Ryan Owens

    What a p***k

    He will likely have criminal charges brought against him.
  8. Ryan Owens

    Giving a red card

    My advice here is to see if the player needs assistance. If he does, call for it and then move away from that to get a better view of the wider action going on. Especially following a serious tackle like the one you're describing, I would say there will always be a good chance of a pushing match...
  9. Ryan Owens

    Junior/Youth Trip by coach?

    Correct answer is in the LOTG: Law 3 - The coach and other officials named on the team list (with the exception of players or substitutes) are team officials. Anyone not named on the team list as a player, substitute or team official is an outside agent. If a team official, substitute...
  10. Ryan Owens

    Draw master Gianni Infantino elected new FIFA president.

    Great, so we can have even more teams that are never going to win take part and get wholloped.
  11. Ryan Owens

    Draw master Gianni Infantino elected new FIFA president.

    I generally take corruption as a given at any level of organization; when it gets to a FIFA level, the corruption is more meaningful and has more far-reaching consequences but, wherever power is wielded, there will be an element of corruption. So that's not even a concern for me; I just wonder...
  12. Ryan Owens


    One of those times it's hard to do him for dissent after you've had that mare.
  13. Ryan Owens

    Pre-match instructions

    I won't press you into divulging secrets but just know that this is eating away at me inside.
  14. Ryan Owens

    Another dissent question

    OP -- you're justified to go caution for dissent, but in the circumstances of the match was it the best solution to the problem at hand? Without having been there to hear and see the reaction from the player, it seems to me that it could have been dealt with through a public admonishing for his...
  15. Ryan Owens

    Dissent and maintaining authority

    Don't forget that, when considering whether an action is dissenting or not, you do have some leeway. In this case, a public rebuking for his comment may have sufficed and helped maintain match control. Explain to the defender what the pen was given for, call the player #6 over to you, give him a...
  16. Ryan Owens

    Misconduct Personal Hearing

    From your OP, it sounds like you said that he "pointed at me" as opposed to "pointed in my direction" which are two different things, albeit a slight (and semantic) difference. We often have to write like lawyers in these situations because FAs and CFAs almost always take a player's side in...
  17. Ryan Owens


    I'd still see the physio ;) There could be something actually wrong which is why when it flares up, it gets very bad.
  18. Ryan Owens

    Winter Break

    Here in Canada, we play a summer season and play indoors throughout the winter.
  19. Ryan Owens

    Draw master Gianni Infantino elected new FIFA president.

    I'll be very interested to see what this brings for FIFA. Hopefully nothing too stupid.
  20. Ryan Owens


    Have you seen physio yet?