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  1. micky2001

    Advice from a ref not involved in match

    Not something that has happened personally, but I thought I’d ask. Let’s assume you’re at a tournament or a public pitch and there is a match on straight after yours so the teams and the ref are standing by. You have a mass confrontation or other serious match event e.g. off the ball incident...
  2. micky2001

    Reporting a Half Time Sub

    Let's say you officiate in a league that requires you to report the substitutes and the time they happen. A sub happens at half time and you are informed. Do you report it as 45th minute or 46th minute?
  3. micky2001

    Won the Ball ref

    What do you think? A) play on B) yellow C) red
  4. micky2001

    Player shouting at crowd

    I have two questions based on a game I watched on Saturday. 1) Crowd shouts abuse at Orange player who then turns round and shouts back telling them to shut up and get a life. Would you be giving a sanction for a player shouting at the crowd? Does adopting aggessive attitude work with a player...
  5. micky2001

    Holding Hands

    Is there anything to stop a defending team (at a freekick or in open play etc) all holding hands to form a human chain to stop the opposing team being able to run through? Obviously there would be length considerations in terms of reaching from one side of the park to the other, but in theory...
  6. micky2001

    Video Analysis - Episode 4, 3rd December

    A few discussion points in this video for you to talk about. 1) Around 7 seconds, are you giving a PK, IDFK, or play on. What cards are you giving if any. 2) What action are you taking around the incident at 25 seconds 3) Discuss the actions of the AR in advising the referee 4) Discuss the...
  7. micky2001

    Video Analysis - Episode 3

    Not sure what was said but definitely the use of the "get it right up you" gesture which is offensive in Scotland
  8. micky2001

    Video Analysis - Episode 3

    Just a quick clip this week. Red card shown during KFTPM for OFFINABUS. Opinions on correctness, observations about handling of he incident etc. I have also got a poll for next weeks video type - red card or penalty incident. Vote for which you want next week.
  9. micky2001

    Assistant Referee Flag

    I always thought that you should hold the flag in the hand closest to the referee unless giving a decision which dictates otherwise. Normally this therefore means my left hand as an AR. At Celtic game tonight, both assistants held the flag in their right hand almost exclusively. Is there a...
  10. micky2001

    Mass Confrontation

    I uploaded a clip yesterday for discussion. If this seems to be liked, I would consider trying to find a few more clips and post them weekly to encourage debate and experience from other members. Use the vote to let me know if it's something you would be interested in. If @Ross has any...
  11. micky2001

    Penalty or Not?

    I'll see how this one goes to see if it's worth continuing posting them. Penalty or or No Penalty? If so, which card if any?
  12. micky2001

    Clips from matches

    ive found a YouTube site with a fair number of decisions such as penalties and reds that could be used to encourage discussion and healthy debate. Would this be something that is wanted/welcome? And if so, which section? Match incidents?
  13. micky2001


    I'm not sure if I've made a boo boo in a charity match and hopefully you can help. This decision wouldn't have changed the end outcome as the team who felt aggrieved won. Anyway, long ball is played from half way line by a blue defender to his attacker who is just outside the 18 yard line...
  14. micky2001

    IberCup Costa Del Sol 2016

    Is anyone going to this tournament this year? Has anyone been to the 2015 one and has any advice or hints? @Aled @Josh
  15. micky2001

    Floating Penalty Spot

    @AlexF can you let me know what the laws of the game actually mean then? I was under the impression that the ball should not be moving. Full stop. @Goldfish take your point about changing ends. But with damaged spots, these are normally pretty evident before the kick is taken and then it would...
  16. micky2001

    Floating Penalty Spot

    Do you think the that since the ball technically moved it was no longer stationary and therefore should've been taken?
  17. micky2001

    Floating Penalty Spot

    At the Celtic v Rangers game yesterday, it went to KFTPM after it ended 2-2 AET. Rangers win the toss and therefore Celtic were to take penalties second. In sudden death, Rogic steps up to take the PK but as he puts his foot down beside the ball before he kicks it (see pictures) the spot seams...
  18. micky2001

    credibility of decisions

    I was wondering if there were any boundaries used for the areas assistants can be seen to have "credible" decisions with. For example, if one AR is on the half way line and a decision happens up the other end of the park, apparently out of view if the other AR and referee although they are...
  19. micky2001

    Can a verbal distraction ever be dogso?

    Tournament at the weekend and I gave a IDFK and yellow for a verbal distraction at the halfway line. I spoke to another referee and said that it was my first time with that offence and we were wondering...can a verbal distraction ever be deemed as DOGSO? We thought yes because it may unfairly...
  20. micky2001

    Keeper Handling Infrigements

    I'd say play on, but I stand to be corrected. If he parried it, I'm assuming it was a deliberate save, not a deliberate movement with his hands to push the ball in a certain area. If it is a save im sure you cannot be penalised for two touches with the hand.