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  1. FatRef

    Adidas Referee 12 kit

    My league sec has said I am fine to wear it
  2. FatRef

    Adidas Referee 12 kit

    Hi All, I am just looking for some help. The black adidas referee shirt is going on ebay for about £13. however I can not find the shorts for anything under £25. Just wondered if anyone had any website that have them for a cheaper price. The link to the shirt is here for anyone wanting one...
  3. FatRef

    Who is correct?

    Hi All, This Sunday I was in the middle for an open aged game. On the half way line mid game white 10 went in for a tackle with blue 8. I blew for a foul, Blue 8 then turned and kicked the opponent. I gave blue 8 a red card then awarded the blue team a free kick for the original foul. I am...
  4. FatRef

    UK Adidas Kit

    Are we unable to wear the black adidas kit with purple trim?