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  1. Steve C

    Longest Penalty... EVER

    Thoughts? LOL
  2. Steve C

    Junior/Youth Tricky One Tomorrow

    Under 12s So, Im 100 miles from my home (staying with parents for the weekend for a nice visit) so thought sat morning when everyone will be in bed and unsocial-able, LETS GO REF! I'm refereeing 2 teams I know well from when I lived at home with parents, One team I used to coach and the other...
  3. Steve C

    Oh how I've (not) missed youth football!

    U12 round robin tournament yesterday. Reds vs blues and blues are winning 1-0, very tight game. Lots of chit chat and 'hows that a foul' mainly from blues as reds were turning the screw on their attacks. Freekick right on the edge for a blatent late challenge to which most of the blues argued...
  4. Steve C

    Columbus vs Montreal (MLS)

    Just watched an MLS game on SkySports, and it was 90+3 and Montreal scored to equalise at 4-4 and the scorer took his shirt off but didnt get booked? It was a fifa ref team too! Thoughts?
  5. Steve C

    Thoughts? Thoughts?
  6. Steve C

    Simulation from a match official? Thoughts?
  7. Steve C

    End it, im bored What would you have done as ref? :)
  8. Steve C

    What a game!

    So, for the 1000th thread, its an interesting game. Whites vs Reds, reds 2-0 up at half time, a lot of moans from whites about an offside on my side but my view was it was never. Couple of players in the book for dissent. Second half, reds get a third looks to be game over. 75th min penalty to...
  9. Steve C


    Could this be classed as abduction? What would you do if this happened to you?
  10. Steve C

    New first game!

    So as i posted on a previous thread i was supposed to have my first game on sunday. Changed! Got a call not 10 mins ago asking me to be AR on a Welsh Cup game between Barmouth & Dryffyd and Llandudno Junction. Should be good!
  11. Steve C

    First Game Back this weekend... And its a toughy!

    So, my first competitive game to ref since early may which was a cup final! Done a couple of 9v9 friendlies over summer but nothing too extreme. So my first game back is this sunday, Welsh Youth Cup prelim round game between Caernarfon Town and Coedpoeth United! Assessed and solo middle! In a...
  12. Steve C

    Noble Red

    Watching the Lpool vs WHU, Noble red card ( im sure you'll all see on MOTD later).Noble yellowed in 1st half. Second half, hes weaving the ball out of his own box gets an advantage from K Friend, then as he's in danger of losing it, he lunges in to Can. Now, Friend gives straight red (3 game...
  13. Steve C

    Bournemouth Disallowed goal

    Just thought id throw something in the mixer here, red tinted glasses off. New rule this year: anyone caught simulating or trying to get another player sent off = auto 3 match ban. Because lovren simulated the contact from Elphick trying (and succeeding on disallowing the goal) which...
  14. Steve C

    What would you do? Interesting and rare one! Would you give the goal as without his interception it certainly would have been, or go by law and give dropped ball for interference and suggest to the defensive side let them score? Id personally do...
  15. Steve C

    Thoughts? Thoughts? Seattle Sounders Reaction to this:
  16. Steve C

    Trying my hand at Rugby League

    So my missus and her family have got me watching rugby league, i quite enjoy it if im honest and I am looking to get involved with the refereeing of it. Anyone tried (no pun intended) it or know of anyone that has?
  17. Steve C

    2nd Cup Final 2 weeks (and another treat!)

    So Sunday 26th Apr saw me senior assistant in an u18s cup final. Just been given the University of Liverpool Campus Cup Final this coming sunday in the middle! Very happy with that! I got it for 'High quality feedback (95s and 100s) from teams and league personnel alike, very good consistant...
  18. Steve C

    Nightmare Incident... Gives me the Campus Cup Final nod!

    Greens (3rd) vs Yellows (6thish) Couple of mandatory yellows to green for blatant holding/shirt pulling and verbal distraction while up for a header. Yellows winning 4-2, tackle from yellow goes in on green, reckless, late, i run over issue the card and tell the player no more or he's off so...
  19. Steve C

    Cup Final

    Just been appointed as senior assistant for an 18s cup final to be played at Warrington town FC this sunday :D
  20. Steve C

    Potentially not Happy with Paul Tierney...

    Heard on Gillette SS that Tierney has sent off Simon Francis for a 2nd yellow for a 50/50 and then gave a pen that wasnt a pen... and playing 7 minutes added time when there was meant to be 4... if I see that these are all refereeing errors then I really will not be happy.