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  1. Ryan Owens

    Took some time off...

    Took around a year away from the game to get the passion back and now that it's back, I've got my first assignment on Sunday. Assistant Referee for a Canadian University match. Looking forward to it.
  2. Ryan Owens

    I'm Back

    Hey guys, It's been a while so I figured I'd say hello again.
  3. Ryan Owens

    One of those games

    High School girls; The dissent (by which I mean literally screaming onto the pitch) started because I let the other team take a free kick for an offside that was on the goal line from about eight yards off the goal line (bear in mind, that the coach's team was losing by one goal with five...
  4. Ryan Owens

    Wait a minute... Who feels bad for referees?! Craig Bellamy: I do feel for referees Former Welsh footballer Craig Bellamy has admitted that he sympathises with modern day referees, who are put under a huge amount of pressure to perform yet are rarely allowed a...
  5. Ryan Owens

    A Match I did

    If you have some free time, you can watch a match I refereed. It's a University women's match. I'm re-watching now and I'll post some times that are some significant incidents. At 19:45 (player time, not match time), I call a penalty.
  6. Ryan Owens

    Lower Back

    Yesterday I was running a line on an astroturf pitch for University and by the end of the first half my lower back was in absolute knots and pain was radiating up through my shoulders as well. I will say that it was my second match of the day and my warm up in the first match was run abysmally...
  7. Ryan Owens

    Pre-Match Procedure

    I thought it would be good to share our pre-match procedures with one another for comparison and contrast. Here is mine:
  8. Ryan Owens

    World Cup ESP v. NED

    Well the good news is that the ARs have finally seemed to get it right; the bad news: that pen was pretty dubious.
  9. Ryan Owens

    Champions' League Final

    It's Bjorn Kuipers form the Champions' League: Also, Dr. Brych will be taking on the Europa League final. What do you guys make of it?
  10. Ryan Owens

    Europa League Semi Final

    Clatts is refereeing. Three red cards so far. It's all coming undone.
  11. Ryan Owens

    Open Age Maritime Champions' League 2014

    Appointments have just come down for the annual MCL -- which is the top level of regional competition in my area. I've got two in the middle (one on opening night, the next is a match between the first days' losing teams) and two as an Assistant (one semi-final, and then the final). Looking...
  12. Ryan Owens

    Ooooh owie owie owww

    I decided I'd walk to my matches today as it was beautiful weather. I had to wear my winter boots still, though, because there is still snow. Unfortunately, my boots are just a tiny bit small so I ended up with massive blisters on my heels. Add on two games of running to that and you'll find...
  13. Ryan Owens

    Ladies Atlantic University Sport Championships

    The AUS is the top level of football we have in this area; the men are obviously better but we ended up hosting the women here in this area. Here are the assignments, the finals will be assigned based on our performances throughout:
  14. Ryan Owens

    Fourth Official

    I've put together this checklist for myself for an upcoming set of matches (wherein I have been given one fourth official assignment). I thought I'd post it here and see if anyone wants to add anything to it.
  15. Ryan Owens

    A couple of assessments

    I've been assessed on a few matches since my last post so I've attached them. Can't say I'm not disappointed by the overall score on the end since on both, the assessor told me that I had a good match. I think the 70 (which is the "you've done everything expected of you but no more" mark) on the...
  16. Ryan Owens

    A new challenge

    Here's a new challenge with which I've never been faced before: I'll be refereeing in a beach soccer tournament on Sunday. I'm very excited because it looks like fun, but having just read the Beach Soccer LOTG today for the first time, I'm nervous. Good news is: I don't think the players will...
  17. Ryan Owens

    Two Assessments

    I've attached my two most recent assessments for everyone's viewing pleasure.
  18. Ryan Owens

    Junior/Youth Amazingly Frustrating

    I don't normally do U14, but as a favor to a friend, I took a boy's U14 match. Going into it, I thought it would be a pretty tame affair; after all, going from top level open age competition to U14 should be easy, right? I knew that the blue team had excellent technique and would keep hold of...
  19. Ryan Owens

    See me on TV!

    Okay, not on TV but on your laptops, streaming live! In 2 and a half hours, I'll be refereeing at the U15/16 Atlantic Allstar Soccer Championships (essentially the best players from all of the four Atlantic provinces (NB, NS, PEI, and NF) are playing in this tournament). You can watch it live at...
  20. Ryan Owens

    RA Membership

    I understand that people from overseas may join the RA as an overseas member. What's the nature of this? What are the benefits? I tried looking it up on the website but it's not really working at the moment.