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  1. CallumRushton13

    Paul Tierney and mark clattenburg lanyards

    I'm with Graeme on this, though I'm slightly bias as mine was free when I first qualified around 7 years ago
  2. CallumRushton13

    Well that was amusing

    Sorry if I came across poorly Brian... I'm just tired of clubs, leagues, the FA, seemingly everyone in footballs attitude towards referees... No where near enough is done to keep referees in the game, particularly inexperienced ones
  3. CallumRushton13

    Well that was amusing

    Interesting. While it may have not intimidated you, what if this was a newer referee, who is more likely to be intimidated, who after having his life threatened decides to leave the game. That's my issue here. Let this stuff go and people think it's acceptable. There's a reason why there are so...
  4. CallumRushton13

    Well that was amusing

    You were threatened with being shot and didn't look to abandon the game?!
  5. CallumRushton13

    Yet another assault!!

    A caution?? Didn't think about that... He will be getting a mention in my misconduct report so think I'll leave it at that haha
  6. CallumRushton13

    Yet another assault!!

    thankfully not on me... Refereeing seniors today, and had to deal with a spectator (yes I should've got a club official, but at first I didn't, that was my mistake)... Approached spectator, asked him to calm down, and move to beside his bench... "No". Approached his bench for help, at this...
  7. CallumRushton13

    What time?

    Was that Tayls by any chance?? I know he likes a short pre match (or did last time i spoke with him about this)...
  8. CallumRushton13

    Stefan Schwab tackle

    In all seriousness... IMO he made a genuine attempt to play the ball and as '2 footed' isn't in the rules I think I can manage the situation. I'll tell his gaffer to sub him and give the free kick... Yellow card for the other bloke to o with his boots, but I probably won't put that in
  9. CallumRushton13

    Stefan Schwab tackle

    3 words... Got. The. Ball
  10. CallumRushton13

    Foul throw awarded in MLS

    'Not w foul throw, just a crap throw' usually does the trick
  11. CallumRushton13

    Punishment for referee assault

    I would be informing the cfa of how I feel in a letter to the chief exec. I would also be referencing that you are considering your future due to a lack of support from them and possibly trying to get hold of the French guidelines to send to them as well
  12. CallumRushton13

    Referee boycott of friendlies?

    I thought the referee could be of the level of the lower ranked team, for example in a contrib v supply friendly a level 4 could could do the game?? At least that's what happened last season when I lined such a game
  13. CallumRushton13

    Hypothetical incident question

    If the player admits it to me im walking him... Didn't dowd do similar in the hazard/ball boy incident??
  14. CallumRushton13

    Nike Tiempo Legacy

    Too flash. Despise personalised boots personally
  15. CallumRushton13

    Touching a player as a refere

    The referee is acting in a confrontational manner towards the player, which could very easily have led to violence. Poor form
  16. CallumRushton13

    Where is offside?

    I have it taken from where the player becomes active... Not where he was when the ball was played
  17. CallumRushton13

    Does anyone know....

    I assume it's simply a method of grouping them for email or meeting purposes, nothing 'official' so to speak (unlike 2a and 2b)
  18. CallumRushton13

    Touching a player as a refere

    I have no issue with players touching me or vice versa... But this is WAY WAY past the mark for me, no need whatsoever to become aggressive like that
  19. CallumRushton13

    Where is offside?

    From where my AR is stood... Easy way out and all that #RefereeToExpectations (Awaits recoil from the usual few)
  20. CallumRushton13

    Penalty thoughts?.......

    Good point!! I'd probably make a bee line for the ball then punt it 'have it' style onto the next estate. Before wheeling away, shirt over my head and whistling like a mad man...