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  1. DanCohen17

    Mark Sampson Sacked

    Statutory rape is having sex with a minor. A minor in England is under the age of 16. Above that (16-18 specifically), position of trust is defined as those within loco parentis, so yes, a coach would count. However, as stated earlier in this thread, Sampson's accusation and the resulting...
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    Something that made me chuckle

    Haha thanks bud! Not one of my finer ones...but I'm pretty sure Rusty wasn't the ref
  3. DanCohen17

    Mark Sampson Sacked

    Doesn't make it ok though just because lots do it?? I happen to know of some clubs who clearly stipulate in the contracts of players & coaches that it is a breach of contract & sackable offence if a coach & player become intimate. it's the same in US too, with the NWSL reminding players & clubs...
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    England Squad announced for Malta and Slovakia

  5. DanCohen17

    Deadman & Coote

    Anyone have any more on this...?
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    Dual registration

    Correct. I was dual-registered, AFA & Hertfordshire. Rarely did AFA games (too far to travel and I hated the County!), but did numerous Herts ones. I lived in Herts, but did my original course through AFA, who wouldn't release me to Herts, so I found the best way round it.
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    Club Marks

    "You don't want to listen to me, I don't want to bore you. That's it from me, head or tails skipper?" The grand total of my "spiel" before a game to the captains! Oh, and anyone that thinks the pre & post game stuff isn't important for club marks is so drastically wrong. At L4 and up...
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    LOTG Hard Copy

    Speak to your CFA RDO, they should have
  9. DanCohen17

    Nike Referee Kit 2017

    Never lost a coin again after I started doing that!
  10. DanCohen17

    Nike Referee Kit 2017

    Put your 2p coin under your watch (so it's between your watch and wrist). Never lose one again!
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    Never once got the train to my team's ground, so I'm no use! I can however tell you where all the car parks are...!
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    Clattenburg to quit FA referees?

    FIFA contracts are calendar-year based, so unless he resigns from FIFA, he'll still be a FIFA ref. When Attwell got dropped from SG to NG, he started the season as FL ref with a FIFA badge (that obviously changed on Jan 1st and he was no longer FIFA eligible).
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    Youth Football - Managing Games

    I'm going to talk as a coach here (after all, it's what pays the bills!) I had a major argument with a group of referees here in USA when they said, truly believing it, that they played no part at all in player development (the meeting was specifically about small-sided soccer, so we are...
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    Haha! Problem a couple years ago was that the rising 4's lack of quality was well known across Beds, Bucks, Berks, Herts & London, so it led to some "interesting" games with officials!!
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    Swansea v Leicester - Build up to first goal

    Clip? (Not SS/BT/BBC as it doesn't work cos I'm Stateside without a VPN!)
  16. DanCohen17

    Joel Veltman throws sportsmanship out window...

    Wow. Not dealt with at all, and it was right in front of AR!
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    I've seen some pretty naff level 5s get their 4! Nothing surprises me. I remember talking to a few L3's a couple years ago and their apprehension about the expected standard of the rising 4s was hilarious...turned out to be incredibly justified!
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    Baselayer Colours

    In USA, referees all (seem to) wear black base layers if long sleeve, regardless of jersey colour!
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    Schools County Football

    So you mean like 99.9% of Supply & Contrib games then? Officials required to turn up suited & booted and players will almost always be in club tracksuits. No "us & them", it's so common and regular that it's not even spoken about!
  20. DanCohen17

    Schools County Football

    I cannot describe to you how tempting it is...!