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    Do you drive your own car to games each week? How regularly do you check it? It should really be every week, not only for reliability, but for safety's sake too. You'd do exactly that with your kit bags! Okay, it's not actually to do with whistleblowing, but here's a bit of advice (trick of the...
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    General bad language

    havent really scrolled all through each and every thread, so my question is this; Has the 'general' use of poor/bad language improved, stayed about the same, or worsened in your county over the last 3 seasons? Whatever, any particular reason for the improvement/status quo/decline in your...
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    A victim of our own success!

    Wahayyyy! I've got an appointment for next month! With one of the clubs involved in a county cup this weekend and the other team not playing, it's a top of the table 1st v 2nd 6 pointer, no pressure then? The reverse fixture's in 3 weeks time I think. Joking aside, the league is really...
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    Blackburn v Man City

    Man City's goal...........offside? The first 'cross' saw everyone in an ok position, but who then flicked the ball on with their head, attacker or defender, the scorer was by then a yard offside? Either way our colleague on the touchline must've given City the benefit of the doubt, so fair...
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    Assistant Referee Coaching

    Just as a matter of interest: I'm now a level 5 referee born and living in Oxfordshire, I have been an FA Licenced Referee Instructor for nearly 20 years. Does any county FA or local RA out there offer their referee colleagues specific 'Coaching for Assistants? I'm trying to put together a...