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  1. lincs22

    Kicking the ball away

    What everybody will want is consistency! Better to think about this before the season than 2 weeks in.
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    Kicking the ball away

    Don't worry, some of the Observers will be at both - I definitely will be.
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    They shook hands and got on with it!!!

    Dont know what the problem is ! I think it is GAA Football rather than Association Football, so they regularly have fights during the game.
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    Kicking the ball away

    There are going to be lots of these decisions to be made in the first few weeks of the season, while the new rules are understood. The Sin Bin is the stronger option - 10 mins set down, as apposed to a fine! but in the last 10 mins of the game, it is effectively a sending off. At L4...
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    Should clubs be fined for supporters behaviour?

    On the BBC website, Stevenage have been fined for sexist comments against a female official. The article seems to be they are moaning about being fined - would a points deduction be more effective?
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    Sin bins

    Not being allowed to observe until attendance.
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    Match fees query

    It can depend on the level of football. County football (step 8 and below) are governed by your CFA, so they technically can dictate the league rules - as they have the power of veto over them.
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    Sin bins

    In In North Riding, there has been presentations, and emails that every clubs should be aware. Some step 7/8 clubs are starting pre season next week..... League does not start until end of August. As with any changes to LOTG, clubs should be aware. Treat them as they know - not your...
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    Referees Football Match (Yorkshire)

    I am also in Portugal from tomorrow, but the Algrave and golfing - not football. Otherwise, I would come and take video for the website.....
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    Women World Cup 2019 An article in todays' Daily Mail - No I didn't have access to it wen I wrote my post (#71 on other thread ). Last season, Sian was the only EPL AR. But on EFL list there was 3...
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    England v Cameroon WWC

    Closed thread - as separate on WWC in general is now covering this topic.
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    England v Cameroon WWC

    I think the biggest problem is that none of the referees or teams had used VAR before. While some of the VAR officials will have, the lack of experience of the on field teams (all 3!) cause the issues. And FIFA have taken women referees from around the world to do the matches. Most of them will...
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    Playing as well as Officiating

    Hi James There may be international considerations, as you will be registered with 2 countries. You will need to check with both the FA and the Welsh FA.
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    Do we know which of the assistants gave the offside, as Sian Massey was on the game as AR1? Or was it the Swiss AR?
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    They think its all over - it is now!

    Welcome to the dark side - observing, etc. My one regret in life was stopping refereeing when I did, but being able to help referee development allows you to give good advice back to the new referees. But I am not sure @Darius and @es1 would agree......;)
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    Pre-match warm up

    Why, that is just boring.:D
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    Pre-match warm up

    Why would @Brian Hamilton take such a well respected job, given he is already a referee. No, the career changes means that being a referee is the one which gets the most respect. :facepalm:
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    Pre-match warm up

    Thats a lot of work for an observation. Mine is a simple, slow walk to a good point to watch the match. :p
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    England v Scotland

    Closed - two threads.
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    England v Nederland

    So far off the topic title - so closing. You can always start another thread on the technology and football interaction if you wish...:lock: