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  1. Southend-ref

    FA Cup Final 2016

    Who will it be? My money is on Kevin Friend in the middle and Mark Clattenbrug as fourth official.
  2. Southend-ref

    Barnsley vs. Southend

    Should the goalkeeper have been sent off about 1 minute in?
  3. Southend-ref

    Falcao caution vs. Chelsea

    A brave decision, given that there was clearly contact, but I think it was a fantastic one as essentially Falcao kicked Cahill and tried to make it look as though it were the other way around. Blatant cheating and I am glad Mike Dean gave it.
  4. Southend-ref

    Southampton vs. Hull

    Steve Bruce said it was a red card, as did Danny Murphy, Jermaine Jenas thought not. I agree with Kevin Friend - it wasn't VC, it was just a trailing arm.
  5. Southend-ref

    Signal for a goal

    In a goal/no goal situation when, as AR, you want to give a goal, which signal should you use? Some referees say flag straight up then run to the halfway line, others say just run back without a flag.
  6. Southend-ref

    FA Cup Final 2015

    Who will it be? Nobody has refereed it without being fourth official for ten years, which suggests it should be Kevin Friend, Mike Jones or Anthony Taylor. I don't think Jones is good enough and Taylor has longer left so I reckon it will be Kevin Friend with Clattenburg, Oliver or Pawson as...
  7. Steve C

    Ibrahimovic Red Card

    Not red for me, Chelsea players influenced the decision IMO
  8. Southend-ref

    Vanishing Spray

    I am sure that a thread will have been created about this, but I couldn't find one. Are we allowed to use vanishing spray?
  9. Southend-ref

    QPR vs. Swansea

    With regards to the handball, as somebody who will defend an official's decision against media criticism at all costs, missing that is inexcusable as a professional assistant referee. With regards to the red card, I can certainly see why it was given and there was a kick of sorts, but I'm...
  10. Southend-ref

    Liverpool vs. Leicester

    For me, neither were penalties, but a lot of respect for Nigel Pearson for saying that referees are human beings and thus accepting that mistakes are made rather than just criticising Mike Jones.
  11. Southend-ref

    Top Gear

    What did you all think of Top Gear? I was shocked at just how little the police intervened, and how they effectively supported the attackers.
  12. Southend-ref

    Everton vs. Stoke

    For me, Mason got it right with both the yellow card and the penalty. Thoughts?
  13. Southend-ref

    FIFA 15

    As I expected, if you play an all Premier League match on FIFA 15, the officials wear the new Nike referee kit with the Premier League logo and, of course, the EA Sports arm patches
  14. Southend-ref

    Rooney Red Card

    I am amazed it has got to Sunday night and nobody has created a thread about this. I was surprised when Rooney was red carded and even more surprised when Van Gaal backed up the referee. Am I the only one who thought it should have been yellow?
  15. Southend-ref

    Paul Tierney

    Paul Tierney has been appointed to Swansea vs. WBA. Is that the first time since the Select Group was created that a non SG official was appointed to referee a PL game? (odd considering Atkinson is fourth official).
  16. Southend-ref

    Hull vs. Stoke

    Definite goal - saw it with the naked eye but why did it take him so long to give it?
  17. Southend-ref

    Burnley vs. Chelsea

    The Diego Costa yellow card for simulation. For me, it wasn't a dive, but it wasn't a penalty because he seemed to trip over the ball and land on Heaton. Thoughts?
  18. Southend-ref

    League 2 Favourites

    FourFourTwo and the Telegraph both fancy Southend to win the league - that never happens!! :)
  19. Southend-ref

    World Cup Brazil vs. Netherlands

    How was that not a red card?????
  20. Southend-ref

    World Cup Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

    Great penalty decision - so glad to see he have that, sends out a good message for the rest of the tournament. Did anyone else notice that the referee didn't wait for the ARs to leave the pitch together - he just headed straight off which is bad form. Never thought I'd say this but I love...