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    Opinions needed

    How is what happened after the GK's intervention relevant? It's relevant what the ball is doing before the GK gets involved, but how quickly the ball travels after being deflected tells us nothing at all about possible DOGSO! All four factors have to be present for DOGSO, and when there's a...
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    Audio books & podcasts

    Refereeing ones!
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    Audio books & podcasts

    I spend a lot of my time listening to audio books and podcasts. Any recommendations? (apart from Referee's World and RefSix).
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    Leicester v Arsenal

    Maitland-Niles' first caution was absolutely correct, but Oliver was completely taken in on the second one.
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    A-League - VAR implemented from this weekend

    EDIT: There's now a video - unsure if it's geo-blocked:!617426 So presumably there'll be video of this at some point - but I've just watched my first game of football using the VAR. There have been other games of...
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    Arsenal vs Burnley - Penalty or offside?

    Arsenal fan here - but no way that's a penalty. Burnley were robbed and I couldn't be happier about it.
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    Arsene didn't see it...

    Yep, definite offside. Thank god the AR missed it, but I'm not sure how he did.
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    HAL - dive vs foul

    Can anyone who has said this was a 'dive' show me that word in the Laws of the Game? Yes the player has dived, but the question is whether he is guilty of simulation, or if his dive was evasive action to avoid contact with the keeper. In my opinion the way to answer that question is to ask...
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    Arsenal v Leicester

    I see I'm not the only Arsenal fan on here. But I'm not too one-eyed to see this for the clear penalty it is.
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    A-League - Changing decision to allow a free kick

    Ha, just saw this and came here to post it. Agree 100% with you - it was a bad mistake to blow in the first place, and it's no wonder WSW feel aggrieved (although typical overplaying of the issue by Tony Popovic), but it would have been unforgivable to play on and let the goal stand. I'm not...
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    Australian A-League - kit clash, ref overruled

    Yeah, it's a shocker. My info is from this blog story: I guess the blog could be misinformed, but I'm inclined to believe it's possible that Muscat and his club's commercial people are at odds with each other on...
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    Australian A-League - kit clash, ref overruled

    Wellington Phoenix are my local team, but this was a 'home game' at the other end of the country, so I watched on TV. I was lucky I know the players by sight, so could mostly keep track of what was going on. This picture is a better representation of what it looked like on TV, not to mention...
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    Your "go to" phrases that you always use

    "Well f*** me, how did you know I was born a b*****d!?" Edit: Wow b*****d is filtered? Is that a much more offensive word in the UK than it is out here in the colonies?
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    Cavani contact with AR

    Red card for what? I don't see any violent conduct happening there.
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    Where is offside?

    Precisely...but it's the AR's job to be standing in line with where the offside player was when the ball was played to him. (Also, lucky you having ARs).
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    Where is offside?

    Please tell me you aren't actually an assessor/tutor! The indirect free kick for an offside offence is taken from where the offending players was when the ball was last played to him by his team-mate.
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    Player uses OFFINABUS to opposition

    Actually if you read the examples I have given, along with Capn, it's pretty obvious the c word is not only used with offensive intent. What if a player calls a friend on the opposing team a 'good c**t' - if we are going to send players off based on the word that is used, rather than its meaning...
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    Player uses OFFINABUS to opposition

    "F**k off you c**t" or "Get away from me, c**t" = RED "You lucky c**t" or "He's a good c**t" = 'Player, I know you don't mean that in an offensive way, but keep it clean please. I should warn you that referees may send you off as soon as they hear that word.' EDIT: I had "You lucky c**t"...
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    BUPA and advantage

    In this sort of situation I usually look for intent. If it's genuinely careless - ie a player taking too little care accidentally 'breaks up a promising attack' - but advantage develops, then I see no need for a card, but I'll be warning the player to take more care, especially in that area of...
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    Caution before kick off

    The law that's been quoted says nothing about where the referee can issue a caution, only when. You can issue a caution to or send off a substitute, and there's no requirement to do so from the field of play. And if misconduct occurred in the changing rooms at half time, you deal with it in the...