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  1. Tealeaf

    USA v Netherlands

    A Sunday league player would say “I got the ball!” VAR review picks this one up nicely. Nailed on penalty.
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    19 years, 6 months and a few days...

    That’s the time elapsed since I qualified as a referee. That’s the time elapsed before I got to referee a proper cup final for the first time. Promoted from Fourth Official to Match Referee less than ten minutes before KO wasn’t ideal but we don’t get to pick when our chances come, but we...
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    Certain to be other talking points but can’t understand why Ki had to go off after treatment. Fouled by Tielemens who was rightly cautioned which should mean, unless I’ve missed the memo, he can stay on?
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    Spam posts today

    Thanks to all who reported - user has been banned and posts/threads being deleted. Please don’t report them now - We’re onto it
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    Swansea v Brentford FA Cup

    DOGSO red for Brentford in second half. Nagging at me as a wrong call though. Challenge comes in, clear foul but advantage is played. Striker hits the ball a bit too far and goalkeeper rushes out and clears. Whistle goes, referee pulls out red. Looking at it, it’s not a SFP foul, especially...
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    Changing County FA Mid-Season

    Been a long time since I last had to do this, but how does the process of changing county FA work mid-season now? I'll be leaving Northants and moving into Buckinghamshire in the next month or so, (and not just over the border by a few steps) bringing me into the Berks and Bucks jurisdicton.
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    Arsenal - Atletico Madrid

    Wow 😮 Double yellow inside 10 minutes and Simeone binned too. Both bang on.
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    Pundits in ignore clear and obvious referee error shocker!

    Good to see that the Match of the Day editors and pundits ignored the DOGSO foul on Salah in the Liverpool-Newcastle game, and the Son penalty appeal in the Spurs-Huddersfield match too. I mean, to feature them would mean acknowledging the benefits of having VAR
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    Wigan - Man City

    Called red I real time and stand by that. Suspect something has come over the headset to Anthony Taylor to make him put the yellow away. Kudos to Roberto Martinez - out of control is a good description. No intent I’m sure but the risk to the opponent’s safety is high. No issues here.
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    Bexleyheath & Welling RA - Contact details requested

    If anyone has contact details for the Secretary or Chair of the Bexleyheath & Welling RA could you please PM them to me? I need to make contact with them to discuss a few things.
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    Sleep well Jimmy Armfield
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    Northampton RA Newsletters

    Newsletters from this season so far. Edited by my unworthy self.
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    Pre-Season starts now!

    Glad to say the prolapsed disc has fully healed and I can start getting ready to get back out there. 27 January confirmed first fixture date; only lines for the first 6 weeks or so to prevent recurrence of the injury but just glad to be coming back. :)
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    England Squad announced for Malta and Slovakia

    England squad to face Malta and Slovakia Jack Butland (Stoke City) Joe Hart (West Ham United, on loan from Manchester City), Tom Heaton (Burnley) Kieran Trippier (Tottenham Hotspur) Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) Harry Maguire (Leicester City) John Stones (Manchester City) Phil Jones (Manchester...
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    Big Sam quits (again)

    Sam Allardyce has resigned as Crystal Palace manager. Do your worst...
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    Newcastle v Preston

    3 talking points so far. Newcastle first goal arguably shouldn't have stood. Clear shirt pull on the defender. Penalty nailed on - great save by the Preston captain. If only his keeper could have made it! Richie caution nailed on too. Clearly told free kick on the whistle, spray is put down...
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    Man Utd v Rostov

    "That's a penalty!" ... "The replay will tell us more"... "No, never a penalty for me." Make your mind up Robbie Savage! All of these comments were his in relation to the same incident. Only real talking point so far. For those who haven't seen it Rostov goalkeeper punches the ball clear but...
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    Monaco vs Man City

    First blood to Monaco but looked offside. One of those where the assistant's view is clearly blocked by 2 non-active attackers so can't fault him. Not sure if the AAR can offer much help there either. Still, game on now!!
  19. Tealeaf

    Leicester v Sevilla

    Thus far not that much to comment on. Referee has waved away a couple of Leicester appeals on the edge of the Sevilla area when Vardy's gone tumbling but has taken tougher line on dissent. Alan Green on 5Live though wants Vardy cautioning for diving. Not sure myself but certainly seems to be on...
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    Chelsea - Manchester United

    Lets go! Herrera red card nailed on case of persistent infringement but by more than one player. Hazard constantly fouled, gets a free kick and is immediately fouled again. 100% caution and just happened to be his second. Well done Mr Oliver