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  1. JamesG

    Striker through keeper saves then collide....?

    striker through on goal and keeper rushes out to just outside box. striker tries to knock ball past keeper at knee height. Gk spreads himself and saves ball with knee but then collides with striker Injuring him. Decision?
  2. JamesG

    Phil Dowd Rooney Penalty

    Had a similar incident today today to the rooney penalty other week when he lept the keepers challenge., Striker runs towards goal from tight angle, anticipates the defenders challenge and jumps over it then runs for a stride and collapses to ground. I gave goal kick. thoughts? could you give...
  3. JamesG

    Foul and abusive before game

    Just wondered about this as I've a notorious team next week and I've heard of them on refs back before ko. So as wondering if you've ever entered a dressing room for teamlines etc and one of players in the dressing room calls you something and swears etc. basically foul and abusive language but...
  4. JamesG

    Dangerous tackle?

    Other day in my game ball broke into centre of park. Red centre mid goes towards ball with studs showing but no opponent close by and slides along park to win ball. He wins ball and his momentum slides his forward. Meanwhile an opponent arrives very late, maybe full second after ball is played...
  5. JamesG

    Injured players have to leave field

    Hi what is the Laws regarding leaving the field due to injury. Goalkeeper doesn't need to leave field two injured players from same side don't need to leave field? Injured player needs to leave field Anything else? Different opinions from colleagues on this. Thanks J
  6. JamesG

    Handball in box what would you give?

    A friend txt myself last night and ran this scenario by me, happened in his game yest and we disagreed on the outcome. Last min of game team A in box, player goes around keeper and shoots towards goal. Meanwhile team B defender goes towards the line and stands on 6 yard line. He brings his arms...