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    I'm looking at going to the Friday afternoon session and Saturday day and maybe Saturday night - anyone going from Kent ?
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    Evening all, Yes imam back. Finally. I am praying I get a new job I have applied for. Please keep everything crossed. I will know if I get to the final interview stage in the next week. If I get the job it free's up almost EVERY weekend and about 90% of my evenings for games !! I have...
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    Having officals on line

    Hi all, As a L7 ref, it's rare that I get officials on my line. This morning I did have one. Clearly experienced one and a youngster. The experienced one went bench side. I booked a player in the 1st half for a double footed tackle, could have argued a RC, but I decided a YC, no one moaned...
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    Minute silence

    Thankfully, never happened to me, but just food for thought. A player for whatever reason refuses to do a minute silence and is shouting and trying to talk to other players. What action, if any would you take. YC for USB, RC for using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or...
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    Idea for controlling kids

    This time Next year I will be a married man and within a year I anticipated baby Evans making an appearance. Now many parents have different ideas on how to control their kids. Here's an idea about bringing the cards into the home. Age dependant of course: YC offences: 1. Not playing nicely...
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    Orange v red. High tempo game RED mainly moaning. THEIR manager changes their CAR about 10min into game after the manager claims he missed a few offside decisions! - bit odd! Anyway 2nd half I play advantage and the ball goes three and the striker is offside - I blow up and I somehow come to...
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    70 !! Game ban Now this is some kinda ban !!!
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    Assesme ts in general

    Good morning all, Yes I am back!! To give you a quick brief this year for my family has been terrible - would have used ALOT stronger word but I know kids view this page. 2 family members passing away and dad being diagnosed with cancer - but apart from that's it's been great!!!! Anyway I...
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    Injury at a goal

    I'm AR and REDS score a goal. Red during the goal line mealy RED player gets injured but only comes to light when the ball is in the net and no one was coming etc about a foul etc. Trainer comes on to treat player. Now.. As the ball is now "dead" and starting with BLUE KO, the injured player...
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    Pression pass

    zAll, I did the precessional pass tournament yesterday. I did enjoy it but there were a few things that we as refs thought could be improved. This is this email I sent to them last night when I got home - sorry did any errors - just copied from email - what are your thoughts: Jamie, I would...
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    Urgent help needed

    L&G This morning I have been appointed 2 MASSIVE tournaments. Both 7-a-side age u7 to u14. I want to dress to impress in my diamond kit. Here is the best part, this Sunday, is at THE VALLY, 25th at THE EMIRATES! I have mislaid ONE of my diamond umbro socks. I urgently need a new pair for...
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    Southampton v newcastle

    As a saints fan I have been been known to be a trade unfair on watching MoTD! But this I think the officials got it wrong. The ball is played forward to lambert. This angle is not great but MoTD showed both lambert and Rodriguez were ONSIDE. Lambert runs AHEAD and both players now in the box...
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    My score

    I'm back guys. Sorry for the long break. Loads of things have happened. Anyway I got my score for my promotion today Needed 70% got 68.60% Gutted - oh yes I was a hard decision to make but due to my business I've decided to give up referring on a Saturday. I still do Sunday but until my...
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    My game today

    Did an U14 game today. For some reason I thought they played 40min each half but should be 35min. I heard the manger say "how long we playing ref" I look at my watch and we had about a min to go till 40min in 1st half. They approach me at half time - we have a joke about it and agree I messed...
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    Newcastle disalowed goal

    I initially thought - WOW what a goal. Then he disallowed the goal for off side I was like WHAT! Then saw the reply - totally agree. The NUFC player was clearly in the way on the ball and was offside. If he had not moved out the way, it was DEF hitting him stopping it going in. Def...
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    My final assesment

    He chief assessor has as good as confirmed in email I've not made it - but going to chat with him v soon. But this is my 5th and final assessment Referee Assessment & Development Form Referee Assessment & Development Form 1. Application of Law: Overall I thought you applied the laws of the...
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    Awkward situation

    Was recently put in a awkward situation and I just want to know what u would have done. I've known this ref for a while he is a L7 or 6. An email went round asking to cover a friendly game that PM. I was free so I covered it. During the game I YC 3 players - 2 home 1 away team. The manager...
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    4th assesment

    Think I'm struggling to get close to the marks as already on assessment 4 and get 5 tomorrow. I know my score for this. But would be interested in your views on this beforehand: Assessors must complete as advised in the “Assessor Guide”. 1. Application of Law: It was good to see you...
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    FIFA world cup

    The ADIDAS ref kit has been released - thoughts??
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    A job for anyone

    Guys & girls, Since July, I've been doing a 3rd job. My normal FT job, refereeing and my new 1. In my new job, I work the hours I LIKE, and how often I like. The money I earn is unlimited. TRUE, if I want to do more hours, I could earn more cash. Tonight I was at a meeting and I met a...