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    Spintso Watch For Sale

    Hi guys I've got an original spintso watch I'm looking to sell. Its the orange and black one, has no damage or scratches to the watch and is perfect working order. It also comes in the original perspex case which is in the photo. Its a fantastic watch that I do really love, however I'm...
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    One to think about

    Assuming you're refereeing an FA cup game that must be finished on the night. Without any of them coming after the final whistle, what is the most number of red cards that can be issued and the game still come to a conclusion with a legitimate result? (based purely on what is outlined in the...
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    New Level 4 Advice

    Hi all As is on another thread, the level 4 promotion emails have been sent out today (congratulations to everyone who got their promotion, well done!). I was fortunate to receive one myself and so I thought I'd start a thread for people to share advice/experience for us new lads. I'd be...
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    Mourinho Rap

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    What do we think of this guy?

    Is he as bad as the crowd make him sound
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    I never knew Brian but I saw the article on social media and thought it was right to share the news of his tragic death with the largest group of refs that I could. After reading the comments on the league Facebook page, it became clear to me...
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    First ever Mass Confrontation

    I had a game on Tuesday night. Two U16 teams in the top division, 1 with not much to play for because they are about middle of the table (red team) and the other who are second from bottom fighting to stay up (blue). The game was going fine with nothing too exciting, some players claiming for...
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    Gone to the Dark Side :)

    Last Thursday and Friday, I completed the Rugby Union equivalent of the BRC, and I have to say what an eye opener compared the the BRC, the whole structure was completely different and a lot better. I have my first adult fixture on 7th March which will be my first OA match that I will officiate...
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    MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw this the other day and had to share it :) Never seen such a good video.
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    Best Referee ever???

    I bet some people would ref like this if they could get away with it. And I bet some already do and don't care if they get reported ;)
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    +1 button?

    Is there a chance of adding a "+1" button to the sight @Ross, next to where the like button is. I've found for myself that I may sometimes like what someone has said but not necessarily agreed with it. Just a suggestion :)
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    Mass Confrontation

    what do you think to this one guys? What would you have done differently/the same if you were the ref or either of the two AR's?
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    12 Days of Christmas (Referee edition)

    Please comment any additions/changes. All of it is my own work, if you can't already tell ;). I think with some tweaking it could be a number 1 hit. :cool: On the first day of Christmas refereeing gave to me: The match ball stuck in a tree. On the second day of Christmas refereeing gave to...
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    Great Day!!

    After refereeing at the Sheffield United Academy for some time now I finally got the chance to ref at the Hull City Academy. I was put on the U14's with a tutor watching me, gained some great experience and advice, no major problems, 2 cautions, some great advantages along with some not so...
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    "He just punched him ref!"

    I had an incident last weekend. U15's match Top Division. A long ball is played to the right hand side of the box, both a defender and an attacker give chase, defender gets there first and heads it out if play, I follow the ball expecting Usain Bolt (I don't think it was actually him ;) ) on the...
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    Short term memory loss!

    I don't know about you guys but after a game that I have, I forget almost every decision that I have made, apart from the crucial ones (ie. penalty, yellow/red card). But things like tackles and other general fouls, i always forget. I was refing a team with a mate in from my school and on the...
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    Threads being closed too early?

    I have a great appreciation for the moderators and for Ross for running this forum (which I think is great and has really helped me) but recently (past few months) I have noticed that some threads have been closed quite early, before any real discussions have taken place. I know that the admin...
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    For Sale Cheap Cross Trainer

    I have a cross trainer for sale as I have recently upgraded to a newer model. In perfect working order and is great for someone who wants to start a home gym or wants to get/keep their fitness up to scratch. I am asking £50 + postage but am open to offers and if interested you can always pick...
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    World Cup final ref

    It is Nicola Rizolli the Italian ref given the final. Bit of a surprise??