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  1. YorkieRef

    Stupid Things Players Say

    *15 Minutes left* Blue Player: How long left ref? Me: 15 + Stoppage *5 Minutes left* Same Blue Player: How long to go? Me: 5 + Stoppage Blue Player: WHAT?!?! YOU SAID THERE WAS 15, 10 MINUTES AGO! HOW? Me: :wall::wall::wall:
  2. YorkieRef

    Brazil v Belgium

    But surely you should look at each incident independent of anything else that has happened? And this should be easier in the VOR rather than on the pitch because you don't have players trying to influence you. A penalty is still a penalty regardless of what has happened beforehand? (Personally...
  3. YorkieRef

    Brazil v Belgium

    I'd say Courtouis after the saves he's made!
  4. YorkieRef

    What's the restart?

    After looking it up I would say from where the trick was attempted since it is the outfield player you're cautioning.
  5. YorkieRef

    What's the restart?

    Okay, so I was reading through the LotG ready for the start of the new season and came across something that got me thinking. Law 12 - Section 3 - Disciplinary Action Cautions for Unsporting Behaivour There are different circumstances when a player must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour...
  6. YorkieRef

    What to do on World Cup breaks?

    I'm reading Howard Webb's auto-biography. Boredom really has gotten the better of me.
  7. YorkieRef


    Reminds me of Suarez did 8 years ago, handles the ball on the line and the penalty doesn't get scored. Will be interesting to see how it ends now.
  8. YorkieRef

    Direct promotion route for A/R’s

    They ask a fan
  9. YorkieRef

    Nigeria v Argentina

    Seen them given, but would have been harsh imo
  10. YorkieRef

    Ronaldo v Morocco

    ...and now a a free kick to Portugal for something very similar
  11. YorkieRef

    Ronaldo v Morocco

    Touche, he did used to be a maths teacher though so hopefully he can keep count.
  12. YorkieRef

    Ronaldo v Morocco

    Will be interesting to see how a referee who has slightly more experience of VAR makes use of it.
  13. YorkieRef


    There's been some cracking goals in this world cup so far like..
  14. YorkieRef

    Chelsea V United

    Great decision!
  15. YorkieRef

    Liverpool V Spurs

    Since VAR is supposed to be used for clear and obvious errors surely there is no argument for it to be used here as there has been a massive discussion with people saying PK/No PK and definitely not a clear and obvious error...
  16. YorkieRef

    First game back

    So... After having the last couple of months out with injury I finally got back into the middle last night. Was a fairly decent game to be honest from both my perspective and from the players. The score ended up Green 2-0 Yellow. I did make a decision that I thought I could have done better...
  17. YorkieRef

    Open Age First Open age/5 a side league

    Haha! Might just do that :cool: It's for charity and needed to do something before I move to uni in September.
  18. YorkieRef

    Open Age First Open age/5 a side league

    On a similar note, I've been asked to referee a walking football tournament a week on Saturday, any advice for that?
  19. YorkieRef

    Doncaster v bury 8/8/15.

    Did you see his tweet saying it was completely accidental? Also, radio interview with the two managers after the game
  20. YorkieRef


    Just seen this and wondered what people made of it?