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    Video review harsh but fair

    Is this video review like a TV Camera thing with all the angles or just the one lad filming you?
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    Just got my promotion letter.

    Ah, I don't go that far North! One team I dealt with in the past was: Penrhiwceiber Don't ask me how to say it... Ah, it was tongue in cheek. I'm nearer to 40 than teenage though so... It was really, in all seriousness just my ref's officer managing expectations that given my age it was...
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    Just got my promotion letter.

    3B would allow me to be the referee at Tier 4 in Wales, which would be the Welsh League Division 3. It also lets me be Assistant at Tier 2 and 3 (Welsh League Division 1 and 2), so just one below the Welsh Premier. I used to run the line on the WL1 and 2 in the past. :) My Ref's officer's...
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    Just got my promotion letter.

    Average mark: 8.2 Promotion to 3B. That would be my old grade before I took ill and had to have a temporary break from refereeing. Been a five/six year journey to get fit enough to get back into refereeing - I was told by some that I had more or less no chance of ever refereeing again, so it...
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    Leeds v Derby

    The caution for the dive in the first half was impressive. That was a fantastic spot. Loved the second caution in the last minute, if you watch the highlights on Sky Sports, the defender nods in agreement with the decision only to argue "I got the ball!" when the caution came out! Brilliant.
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    Baggies v Villa

    I didn't like how long it took to get the card out. I think that made the referee look indecisive given that imo I think it was a nailed on caution.
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    United v Cardiff.

    @Ciley Myrus will not be happy. Jon Moss having a bit of a dodgy one. Phantom penalty for Cardiff. Player did a swing and a miss and fell over and Mr. Moss gave it as a foul... Awful call. Two great interceptions as well, getting in the way of play for United twice. Not the best of halves...
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    Pre-match talk

    Say something at least... :P I had a game recently and the only thing I was asked was "Have you lined before?" said yes, and that was it. No briefing, nothing. The senior A/R actually did more guidance than the referee on the day, in a discreet manner. Kind of happy that he did because it was...
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    Newport - Mansfield

    Personally from the side on video, I'd be going red for the first offence. Penalty is an easy one, yes, he won the ball etc, but he still wiped the attacker out. Wonder if anyone would think differently if the keeper caught the ball there?
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    First Game

    Go on then, I'd like to know. :)
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    McGregor Red Card

    What on Earth... A/R with a good spot there I'm assuming.
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    Plymouth v Scunthorpe USB

    Ooh, cheeky that... Would this not count as a serious enough injury to just whistle for?
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    Fan knowledge (or lack thereof)

    Page doesn't exist. That goes for everything in life sadly.
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    Mags v Reds

    That's hilarious... Dunno how he's given that. Guessed surely?
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    Bournemouth v Spurs

    Striking/attempting to strike?
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    Really really annoyed

    Check the competition rules, it should be in there. For me it's the same as @Jevon Swinscoe and is half fee plus expenses if I turn up and a game is off.
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    New Referee Advice

    Yeah, that... Too many do this for all the wrong reasons. =/
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    First Game

    Well if its windy enough for the ball to move about without being touched at all, then you should probably think twice. If you're falling over doing your warm up routine, it's probably not going to be safe to play on. Otherwise, if the ground is fine and it's pissing down, tough luck. :D
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    FA cup final referee

    Does the People's FA Cup Final count? >_>
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    Why? Can't be because you got bowled over surely? Did you caution any of the dissent at all?