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    IFAB LoTG 2018/19 book

    The SFA usually send a copy out each year (at least the Glasgow association does)
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    Pk added on time, last kick. Of all time. Ever

    I always thought we should end the game in a neutral area of the FOP there imo an attacker going for a rebounded penalty isn't neutral so I'd be waiting. Edit: Seems dodgy to me to let defender clear it after telling attacker not to attack it.
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    Becoming a Futsal Refereee

    In Scotland, yes Not sure which country you're in
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    Positioning at Corner

    Hi All, Hoping for some advice. The guidance I have been given for positioning at corner kicks is: Goal line at 6yd area at back post. I understand the idea - without ARs it is easier for offside calls and some offences although when two players challenge for the ball - especially when...
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    Dutch Referee Blog - Week 23 Laws of the Game Quiz 2018-2019

    5/5 this week for the first time ever!
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    Slightly apprehensive!

    I've personally never seen a 4th warm up - is this common to have the 4th warm up?
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    VAR - Ajax vs Real Madrid

    Surely the fact it took them so long to decide means it's no longer 'clear and obvious'?
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    Young Referee abuse

    Understand the referee is here is young however this is grounds for dismissal in my opinion on the coach - the coach has now brought the integrity of the referee into disrepute or otherwise calling him a cheater.
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    Player drug use

    Imagine accusing someone of smoking it and it turns out they haven't had a shower.. unless I physically see someone on the teamline using then they can do what they like I wouldn't go digging (especially not if yourself)
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    Encroachment or not?

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    Rangers Vs Kilmarnock

    And in true fashion this season, through the compliance officer the red card has been rescinded.
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    Fitness tests

    Great I now refuse to participate!
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    Fitness tests

    Is the Yo-Yo not included in the fitness test or did where they winding me up? :D
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    Allan McGregor V Aberdeen

    This is why the introduction of VAR hopefully for the 21/22 season will be great for Scotland (they've already ruled it out for 20/21 due to the duration of the training)
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    Rangers Vs Kilmarnock

    Check out @Bazzinho9’s Tweet: Goalkeeper clearly nudges with elbow - enough for the straight red?
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    Mike Dean to do Celtic v Rangers? I think the clubs need to realize that the grass isn't always greener on the other side however I do agree that the standard of certain officials needs to improve (we all know not every call we...
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    Good use of 4th

    On a different note these plastic pitches in the top flight look horrible
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    SFA badge(s)

    Assuming you're going to be joining between Cat 7 + 4 Dev you can basically wear whatever kit you want it is only recommended you buy the SFA kit from Hampden if you want to look better - it has nothing to do with promotions etc (this is why you see ammy games on a saturday and some older chaps...
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    Cup Game PKs Positioning

    Hi All, I have a cup game this weekend with the possibility of it going to PKs should a draw occur - I have referee'd both teams before and each time it's ended a draw unfortunately. My question is should the game go to PKs in the event of a draw, where do I ask both teams to stand? Should...
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    Foul leading to goal?

    I thought this would have been a foul on Dundee #2 especially if he appealed? Can someone explain why it wasn't a foul? Had the player just given up due to score and didn't appeal? To me it looks like he's being held down/pulled?