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  1. Russell Jones

    Throw in Signals

    Or, on a particularly cold night, two blue balls :rolleyes:
  2. Russell Jones

    Pitch markings - 2nd time now

    The other good one is letting clubs know that the markings they've been using all season are actually ten yards from the corner flag rather than 10 yards from the edge of the corner arc ... :)
  3. Russell Jones

    Persistent Infringement

    If it was a foul throw and handed possession to the opposition then no way. If however a player repeatedly failed to get the ball into the FOP from a throw in and it seemed there might be intent to his actions then yes, I'd warn him about the possible consequences of his next attempt also...
  4. Russell Jones

    3 games in & im not convinced..

    Totally agree with the points you are making Alex. That said, one thing I find helpful is to properly differentiate between frustration (annoying but often manageable) and true dissent which by definition requires a yellow card ....
  5. Russell Jones

    3 games in & im not convinced..

    First time he opens his mouth unhelpfully, give him a long hard stare. Second time, have a quiet word in passing (give it a rest fella, I'm trying to concentrate here). Third time, public bollocking (I've warned you once, I'm not warning you again, keep your opinions to yourself). Any more...
  6. Russell Jones

    Liverpool V Spurs

    You may well be right that enforcing the law in this way would be simpler and more straightforward (though the level of debate about the deliberateness of Lovren's kick suggests otherwise!). However this is absolutely not the intent of the law as it is currently written ... it was brought in...
  7. Russell Jones

    Liverpool V Spurs

    Worth bearing in mind the other fundamental difference in the two scenarios ... with the "pass back" it needs to be picked up by the GK after being deliberately kicked to him. In the case of a defender resetting the offside, it simply needs to be a deliberate play of the ball by any part of the...
  8. Russell Jones

    Bolton vs Bristol City penalty call

    Hoorah, I am not alone in this world :)
  9. Russell Jones

    Ball hitting tree overhanging pitch

    There are many examples of 'permanent' stuff overhanging a pitch. Either trees as in the example above or wires on many 3G pitches. Critical for the referee, in advance of the game starting, to decide what his course of action will be if the ball hits this stuff .... and then communicate this...
  10. Russell Jones

    Bolton vs Bristol City penalty call

    Ok, I can see I'm in a minority of one here. So I'm probably in the wrong! I would however still strongly contend that the impact between the two players happened marginally AFTER they had both missed the ball. So neither player was prevented from playing the ball by the collision. I'd...
  11. Russell Jones

    Bolton vs Bristol City penalty call

    Totally agree that the ref's positioning was poor. And totally agree that the defensive FK was a strange decision. That said, on the basis that the collison occured marginally after they had both missed the ball completely (and wasn't the cause of the striker missing the ball) I'd simply be...
  12. Russell Jones

    Kicking the ball to a player's head while in play

    If I was confident his intent was to do him serious harm, then yes absolutely.
  13. Russell Jones

    Oh jeezo it works.....

    Football at the highest level is primarily a form of entertainment. So it's perfectly valid to question whether the overall level of entertainment is enhanced or diminshed by the introduction of new technology. For me, goal line technology has increased the entertainment ... greater drama as...
  14. Russell Jones

    Offsides with CAs

    Please, for the love of God, let's not again have the wider debate about the relative merits of using CAs to give offsides. Accepted practice varies wildly from county to county and you will find passionate advocates of allowing them to give offsides and equally passionate supporters of leaving...
  15. Russell Jones

    Manager abuse for goal decision

    Please, please do report that abuse. It sounds absolutely shocking and the manager should be ashamed of himself (totally regardless of whether your original decision was right or wrong). I really hope you do continue refereeing. The fact that you are on here asking for advice bodes well...
  16. Russell Jones

    Wolves V Swansea

    Charming as ever Ciley :rolleyes:. You really do brighten our days :facepalm:
  17. Russell Jones

    Wolves V Swansea

    So, to extend your hypothesis. An attacking player is running forward to support a team mate who has the ball. A defender decides to tactically grab him to stop his progress. So also an "off the ball" incident and therefore also "excessive force" as no force is needed at all. Presumably by...
  18. Russell Jones

    Wolves V Swansea

    And now, because the 'boss' of that "PGMOL, FIFA Elite referee" has concluded that he made a clear mistake, does this mean that those who were going red now have "no choice but to accept it" as a Yellow? ;). You'd think that if there really had been a new directive to punish such offenses with...
  19. Russell Jones

    Fleetwood v Leicester

    As luck would have it, yesterday I gave my first IDFK for this offence in over three years! Ball deliberately kicked to GK who miscontroled it, ball starts spinning towards goal and he dives to touch it round the post! Indirect free kick just outside the goal area, always a nighmare to manage...