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    Offside Question

    And right there, I think is the genesis of your problem. You should not be concentrating on keeping in line with just the second last defender. As stated in the "Practical Guidelines for Match Officials" section of the laws document: (Emphasis mine).
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    Law 4 - hand casts

    Although it might not specifically rule out all kinds of casts I think it would be a real stretch to include a hard cast under the category of an "arm [protector] made of soft, lightweight padded material..." In the end, the overriding provision is that: That alone, I think is enough to rule...
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    Dropped ball scenario

    I'm not sure I follow, once the new laws go into effect that's exactly what the referee's supposed to do.
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    Oxford v Bradford Goal Kick

    Of course, in a couple of months it won't matter if the defender plays the ball before it leaves the penalty area either.
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    Neymar charged

    Minor point perhaps but Neymar does not say in the tweet that, "it hits his back." That's a massively inaccurate translation. He actually says something more like, "How can the guy position his hand while his back is turned?"
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    Law Changes Penalty Kick

    Do you mean a reason it was being talked about or a reason it was not adopted? One reason it was being talked about just recently was because some early reports of the decisions taken at the recent IFAB AGM erroneously stated that this change was one of those that had been approved. The IFAB...
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    IFAB AGM 133

    Unless he was sprinting back to try and make a goal-line clearance (?) why on earth would a referee be positioned directly in front of goal in between an attacker and an empty net? I'm struggling to envisage a realistic scenario where that would happen. (Yes, I know there's a YouTube clip where...
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    Scored after being offside, but not gaining advantage?

    Oops, you're right - I'm going to have to revise my notes.
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    Scored after being offside, but not gaining advantage?

    Nope, definitely '78. Here's the relevant portion of the minutes from the IFAB's 1978 AGM. The prior wording is on the left and the revised wording on the right.
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    Pickford vs Newcastle

    Not just likely to gain control - he was a nailed-on certainty to get the ball and be left with only a single outfield player to beat, from less than six yards out. As @one says, if an outfield player had done that in a situation where the forward would have been left with only the keeper to...
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    Sterling offside vs Watford?

    No, you've misquoted that. The full section (starting from "interfering") is: Challenging for the ball is a separate bullet point and a separate clause from the previous one which refers to obstructing the opponent's line of vision. Challenging an opponent does not have to prevent an opponent...
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    Handball - your proposed wording

    The article below, written back in November, seems to have got a number of things spot on, based on what we already know from the post-AGM press conference and other statements from the IFAB. IFAB to remove the word 'deliberate' from the handball law The full article is worth reading but...
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    Handball - your proposed wording

    If it had only been one person who said it, I think we would be right to be more than a little circumspect but this is coming from several sources within the refereeing community. We all know that they have been talking for several years about taking some of the uncertainty out of handball...
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    Handball - your proposed wording

    Peter Walton has also stated it. I knew there were others who had said this, I just couldn't remember who.
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    Handball - your proposed wording

    Well, maybe that's where we're headed now, since according to some sources, the word 'deliberate' has indeed been removed from the wording that will come into effect in June.
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    Sterling offside vs Watford?

    Prevent the defender from playing the ball, no. But directly challenge for the ball - absolutely and definitively, yes. Sterling and the defender went in to play the ball at exactly the same time and in the same physical location. They both play the ball, Sterling just gets there a split-second...
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    Scored after being offside, but not gaining advantage?

    Not quite. The phrase was "seeking to gain an advantage" and it was introduced in 1978. The "seeking" part was removed in 1995, so that where before, most referees interpreted the "seeking" to mean a player only had to make a move towards the ball to be penalised, the new phraseology was taken...
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    Sterling offside vs Watford?

    Clearly, clearly an offside offence for me. I don't see how there's any debate about it. The law states that: Sterling was in an offside position when Aguero played it and challenges an opponent for the ball before the opponent plays it. I don't see how anyone can say that's not an offside...
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    Handball - your proposed wording

    When was this? I might have missed something when reading through the historical changes to the Laws contained in the IFAB minutes but my impression was that from the time the law was first changed to make only intentional handling an offence (in 1902) the law on handling has always included the...
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    Keepers before kick off

    That's a straw man argument. There's a clear difference between checking whether a particular state of affairs is true or not (in this case, whether the keeper is ready or not) and asking for permission to start.